Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tips To Having A Successful Wedding

I love grand weddings. Those weddings one attends and one is left wondering about the thoughts, money and effort expended on every detail. There is a little difference between carnivals and weddings these days. Everyone wants to outdo everyone. It is no longer about being able to cater for the long list of guests that would grace the event, which is a no brainer. The real hustle has to be working towards being featured on one of the popular wedding blogs. So, extra attention is paid to the venue which has to be decorated exquisitely, the MC, the live band, DJ and all the other little things that form the big weddings most people try to achieve.
God knows I love me a good time out at a great well planned wedding (who doesn’t?) but I wonder atimes if some of the things done are necessary. I remember when I was planning my wedding, an aunt of mine suggested I got my reception dress from a particular store that sells such dresses for close to a hundred thousand naira. I almost felt pressured to buy it because I bought her story on making a bold statement but on second thoughts, I could see it was an unnecessary purchase. There were stores that were selling equally decent dresses for way lesser and the dresses were equally good.

My point is as young people who have a whole life ahead , it makes no sense spending moneys that could have been invested or kept for other purposes on irrelevant things in preparation for a wedding that is just a day or two.

There are a few things I wish I knew earlier but the good news is even if I missed out on those tips, you need not ,as I would be sharing them with you now.

Pray: I pray about things some people might even consider minute but trust me it works.It's your big day and no matter how prepared you are , there are still a million and one things that could go wrong. Commit it all in God's hands and relax.

Get a planner/Plan adequately: If you can afford one get a good wedding planner. It saves you lots of stress and the experience of the planner is always useful. If not, make a list and work towards ticking off your list. Making plans also make unnecessary purchases avoidable seeing as all things needed are already listed.

Be real to yourselves: You are going to be one anyway and are about to be stuck together for a life time so why lie? I know it could be embarrassing for a man when he feels he can’t meet all his woman’s need but that need not be a reason to lie. If you can’t afford an A list compere then say it. So that it won’t become an issue when the C lister you could afford arrives the venue.

Avoid making unnecessary purchases: I mentioned earlier how I settled for a less expensive gown because I found the expensive one absolutely unnecessary. You might do well here to sit with your planner or if you don’t have a planner, to write down a list of important things that needed to be gotten before the d day. That way you are able to avoid buying things that you don’t need.

Stay within budget: Remember there is life after the wedding. You don’t want to spend all your savings on just one day and be left with nothing when it is absolutely important. Draw a budget and try your best to stay within the confines of the budget. If you can’t afford caterers, get your aunties, sisters or cousins to come help. Guests will come and go but whatever trouble you bring upon yourself will be there after the wedding. This is because finances are big part of marriages and you need to lay the foundation for a healthy marriage by being wise financially.

Have Fun:Now that the day is here, remember it is your day. It is more about your happiness than anybody’s . Dance and lose yourself in the celebration of your love. Don’t let the stress get to you. Everybody will be fine so you need not bother your head about who ate or who didn’t, they’ll be taken care off. That’s why you have caterers, close friends and families, they understand how important your guests are to you.

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