Thursday, November 4, 2010

The marriage institution is under serious attack.

Ask yourself this question: Should there be anything wrong with the marriage institution? Boy meets girl; they get married; they start a family; they have good times and not so good times; they grow old together and die together. There is really nothing wrong but note this: the devil is very angry when a marriage prospers. Martin Luther even stated in 1521, "There is no estate to which Satan is more opposed than to marriage." Christians should not be fooled that the devil will be happy with the institution of marriage. Remember the holy book states that marriage between a man and a wife is like that of Jesus Christ and the church. So how can the devil be happy about prosperous marriages? How can you think that the devil does not bother about your marriage? Wake up and smell the coffee. Don’t be na├»ve.

Marriage is severely under attack from almost every quarter in these modern times. This militant anti-Christian view of marriage has infiltrated every sphere and stratum of our society. It is attacked by comedians, soap operas, and by modern militant feminism which seeks to rid itself of every maternal and wifely instinct. There is also heavy onslaught on the institution in movies and TV commercials. Some people think that Marriage is an antiquated idea or philosophy which can now be dispensed with by our more enlightened and liberated age. It doesn't seem very long ago that the world once considered that when a man and woman lived together outside of marriage, they were living in sin. But so successful has been the attack on marriage as a sacred and abiding institution that such is no longer the case. Previously people could not openly declare that they preferred their own kind instead of the opposite sex. The defiled bed, cohabitation, homosexuality and lesbianism are becoming the norm. People are termed to be politically incorrect if they openly criticize these abnormal tendencies. The divorce rate among Christians is said to be nearly as high as the in the secular marriages. Consider the statistics released by George Barna (, who directed a study on marriage and divorce in 2008. Please note that this study only refers to Americans but it is an important point of reference. Statistics showed that when evangelicals and non-evangelical born again Christians are combined into an aggregate class of born again adults, their divorce rate is statistically identical to that of non-born again adults: 32% versus 33%, respectively.  George Barna noted that Americans have grown comfortable with divorce as a natural part of life. He goes on to say that "There no longer seems to be much of a stigma attached to divorce; it is now seen as an unavoidable rite of passage. He continues that" There is also evidence that many young people are moving towards embracing the idea of serial marriage, in which a person gets married two or three times, seeking a different partner for each phase of their adult life." If ever the Christian is to combat this humanistic, atheistic and sinful attack then it is essential that Christians themselves have sound and God-glorifying marriages which are built upon a solid biblical foundation.
So for those who are contemplating entering into marriage, it is a good thing but it is also warfare. It must be built on the solid rock. It is way, way above love of a man and a wife. The Bible calls it a mystery. But know this, it was instituted by God and there are rules and regulations. Be diligent, study the Bible and get ready for the journey. It is a life long journey with trials and tests. But it is a beautiful thing.
For those who are already in it, you will agree with me that without Christ and the commitment, it is not worth the hassle. The greatest advertisement for the power of the gospel is the Christian home, and that which will commend the gospel to this decadent age is the Christian marriage. Stay strong. Be committed to your marriage. Be aware of the power of “Two-in-one” (see an earlier blog)
In conclusion, I want us to remember that we are a chosen people taken from among men to show God’s glory. Our marriages must be a visible expression of that oneness that exists between Christ and the church. Let us commit to make our marriages work. It is warfare and we can always be victorious in every battle knowing that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.  Do not sleep; be alert. Make your marriage work.
For further study on the institution of marriage as God intended it, please read Genesis 2: 18-25, Ephesians 5: 21 – 33

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