Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Christian Wife and her Unsaved Husband

How do you feel coming to church alone with the children? And your husband is at home sleeping? Do you feel burdened because you have been praying for him to get born again and it seems he is getting further away from the Lord? How do u you feel when he teases you about your faith and you cannot do anything about it? What about the church programmes for couples that you cannot attend because he refuses to go with you? Or even the remarks from Church that "if you ladies with unsaved husbands would just be more sweet and loving, your husbands would get born again in no time."

Do not feel alone. God is still with you. You may have entered the marriage thinking that you could change your spouse or get him born again. Or you may have gotten born again after your marriage and you can't understand why he cannot see the light. Don't give up, there is hope. Press on. 

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