Monday, July 24, 2017

Take A Chance On Love

I love the look of love. I love how the eyes can communicate such deep messages between two people.

I love the simple things done when in love like taking a delivery of a well thought out lunch sent from someone special. Or the smell of flowers delivered straight to one’s doorstep on a regular Tuesday.

I love beautifully written poetry inspired by feelings so deeply rooted in a lover’s heart. I love couples that enjoy long strolls on the street or at the beach-hand and in hand, sharing deep throated laughs.

I love surprises. I love how one person can be devoted enough to another to go to the ends of the earth to keep the other happy.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Three Lessons The Death Of A Loved One Teaches You

Is there a right time for death to come?

Should one be thankful for the diagnosis of a terminal illness that allows for proper goodbyes and preparations to be made?

Are we asking for too much if we ask to be notified just before death strikes?

Sadly, we all are going to die and unluckily for many of us, death never tells us.

We may be here one minute and gone in the next. All the things that we thought were important just fizzles out.
I have heard news of the death of great rulers and I have seen the end of common men. Every day, the news speaks of numbers that were swallowed by the earth and sometimes, of many more that got burnt to ashes by suicide bombers. They all seem so far-fetched to me.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Raising Mentally Balanced Children

The internet bursts with all kinds of news everyday making it really hard to keep up. The swiftness with which the news fizzles out makes it impossible to discuss or even learn the lessons presented in some situations.

Some weeks back, I read the news about a boy that wanted to kill the new girl in his class because she displaced him from the 1st position in their class assessment. 

His plot was unraveled by some other students in the class who saw him when he was about changing the water in the girl’s water bottle to a poisonous substance. Like the news on its own isn’t heartbreaking enough, we were told that the kids involved are about twelve years old.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Should You Tell the Officiating Minister at Your Wedding That You Are Pregnant?

Love, Happy, Pregnant, Family, Together, Day, DaddyFor a wedding to take place, you need to have an officiating minister who might also double as your pre-marital and sometimes marital counsellor in the course of your marriage.

After all, it is like they say, “no one is the sole custodian of wisdom". For you to be properly guided by the counsellor, you should be upfront with the truth about your lovelife just like you would be if such person were your therapist.

This was what played in my mind as I binged on old episodes of Preachers of LA the other day. You see, as old fashioned as my TV taste can be, I find myself catching up on some episodes of these shows and I must confess real life gives fiction a run. The issues that unravel are sometimes jaw dropping.

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