Monday, July 24, 2017

Take A Chance On Love

I love the look of love. I love how the eyes can communicate such deep messages between two people.

I love the simple things done when in love like taking a delivery of a well thought out lunch sent from someone special. Or the smell of flowers delivered straight to one’s doorstep on a regular Tuesday.

I love beautifully written poetry inspired by feelings so deeply rooted in a lover’s heart. I love couples that enjoy long strolls on the street or at the beach-hand and in hand, sharing deep throated laughs.

I love surprises. I love how one person can be devoted enough to another to go to the ends of the earth to keep the other happy.
I love public declarations of love inspired by overwhelming feelings of happiness and satisfaction. I love couples that show off one another- the ones proud of the journey they are on together. I love little sacrifices made by lovers so they can enjoy time together. I love the beauty in the trust involved in planning one’s life around another.

I love how families and friends come together because two people decided to take a chance on each other. I love the busyness and the excitement around weddings. I love personalized vows and the sincerity of a love that crossed many hurdles.

I love the process of agreeing to disagree. I love mutual respect. I love the knowledge that conflicts are not necessarily the end.

What is not to love about love really? Is it the feeling that it stirs at the lower part of one’s belly at the call of another’s name?
Or the knowledge that when all other things fail, there will always be someone in your corner?
You’d agree with me that there is so much to adore about the process of falling in love and eventually getting married.

However, the media can be so distracting. There is so much negativity of how love turned sour. Many people have fallen victims of deception and betrayal.
While sometimes, the sign may be very vivid that getting into some relationship would be a disaster, other times; there is no telling how the end will be from the beginning.
Nobody falls in love or goes into marriage anticipating the end; even the ones with prenuptial agreements hope they wouldn’t have to enforce it.

Will yours stand the course of time? Will this man do you right or not?
There are always so many answers you may never be able to find answers to.
Falling in love is taking a leap of faith. You may never know if you never try.


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