Monday, September 4, 2017

Who would you rather be hanging out with? Your Spouse or Your Friends?

I was at a wedding ceremony over the weekend and as the the bride was about to conclude her speech about her new profile as a married woman, she looked at the groomsmen and said "Sorry guys, my husband will not be available for your late nights, he will always be with me".

Though a lot of people in the congregation laughed, I could see a bit of concern on some of faces of the groomsmen because they knew that this lady was indeed serious.

This brings me to the subject of my post today. 

Who would you rather be hanging out with? Your Spouse or Your Friends?

When you are single, you do  hang out with your friends, your buddies. However when you get married, this has to change.

This is because you now have a new buddy, a new best friend. God designed marriage to be the most intimate of friendships and relationships. Your spouse should be your best friend.

And one of the ingredients of the a great marriage is being able to share your most scarce resource - your time. Spending precious time with your spouse is a MUST!

You need to hang out a lot with your spouse! You need to spend time together or at least spend time together on phone or email even if both of you are separated by many miles for a while. 

It doesn't mean you should not spend time with friends anymore. It just means that your spouse gets first priority. Even if you don't talk while together, hanging out can just be being in close proximity without having to say anything. 

Some people may say "I find my spouse very boring" or "We have nothing in common" or "We don't share the same hobbies" or "I do not find him or her intelligent" or "He likes to do men stuff"or "She likes to do girly things"

Then if one of the above is one of your excuses, you need to find out what both of you have in common. Thought you may have different personalities, you should not think that you should spend time doing only the things you like and not bother about your partner.

You need to find common things things that you can enjoy.....Don't tell me it is only sex!

Partners who regularly engage in mutually enjoyable activities are more likely to have strong, loving relationships.

Find That Common Interest and spend time together as a couple

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