Friday, June 23, 2017

Being a virgin is not old fashioned, it is God fashioned

Recently I was on a plane from Johannesburg to Cape Town and I decided to while away the time by watching one of the films I downloaded offline from Netflix - "The Wedding Party".

For those who do not know much about this film, it is essentially about the planning of a wedding between a 24 year old girl, Dunni, played by Adesua Etomi and Dozie, acted by Bankole Wellington a.k.a Banky W. The couple took a vow of chastity and were looking forward to a ground-breaking first night together as a married couple.

From the film, one can deduce that Dozie has been a "player" and has been with many ladies while Dunni was a virgin.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Actually, Everyday Should be Mother's Day

Discovering myself didn’t happen in a day. Matter of fact there is no way I can talk about discovering myself without mentioning the role my mother played in shaping my life.
For a long time, her voice was the loudest in the crowd, cheering me on even when I couldn’t find any strength or reason within myself to continue.

My mum like most mums took it upon herself to make sure that I started to see myself through her eyes-amazing, gifted, special, talented and every other great adjective you can find. I am her miracle and even when my reality doesn’t give credence to how great she thinks I am, her voice keeps ringing in my head keeping me focused on what matters.

Mothers are gems, they are the most precious and rarest you can ever find. Till you show me something to the contrary, I would stick to my belief that mums are created with a special kind of material different from the average person’s and I mean this well.
Mum in this context is inclusive of biological and non-biological mothers. I mean we all can’t possibly forget about the contributions of Mother Theresa however way we try.

Now, that I am a mother myself, I find myself rooting shamelessly for my children. I have come to understand that I cannot allow the negativity of this world to get to me, they are capable of all great things and I believe they have the power to move mountains. I have also gotten to realise that moms do not see the limitations in their children-special needs or not, their major work is to bring out the best in their child(s).

I know you may start to wonder where I acknowledge the role of fathers. Well, not to make light of their contributions but this post was inspired by phenomenal women.

A lot has been achieved in our world by the blind faith mothers have in their children. We have witnessed miracles in medicine such as we did in the case of Dr Ben Carson in his book ‘gifted hands’. He shared how his illiterate mum learnt how to read and write so as to help him better understand his school works- a gesture that was instrumental to him becoming a surgeon of international repute.

More recently, the Marty O Connor case moved me from within my core and further reiterated my belief that mothers are capable of building an entire nation. Marty became quadriplegic since five years ago, a condition that has left in paralysed from the shoulders down. He desired to add more professional qualifications to his portfolio but wouldn’t have been able to fulfil some aspects such as writing exams or taking notes in class.
This inadequacy of his was filled by his mum who wheeled him to every class for two years and helped with note taking. He graduated with an MBA and his mum was also awarded an honorary degree for her dedication.

Many mums achieve feats that never get recorded in the news every day and while it may seem like a thankless job sometimes, the world is a better place because of these super humans among us.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Come for the "Marriage Town Hall Meeting" at Covenant Christian Centre - June 26

The Marriage Enrichment Unit of Covenant Christian Centre is holding a marriage town hall meeting for married couples.

The theme of the meeting is "Naked but not ashamed"

God created marriages to last a lifetime

When you read about the failure of many marriages in the news, you might wonder whether there are even any successful marriages out there. 

Don't be deceived! There are a lot of successful marriages out there. Not marriages that the partners are just barely accommodating but marriages that the partners are enjoying one another's company. 

You must believe that the Devil wants you to believe what you read in the tabloids and believe that there is no hope for marriages in this day and age.

Understand this truth. The institution called Marriage was created by God to last a lifetime. And God created this institution to mirror the relationship between us and Jesus. Are we saying that we should stop having a relationship with Jesus because some people turn against Christ everyday? No! There are people who still have a wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ. And as well, there are people that have wonderful relationships in their marriages.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

5 Things Men Should Know About Menopause In Women

I guess this is one topic that some men do not know about and do not want to know about. However I think that all men should know about this and how it affects their wives. As your wives reach the age of 40, you better start preparing for some changes you would see in your wives.

It is advisable that men get acquainted with the effects of menopause in women so that they understand what their wives are going through.

First of all, what is menopause

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hardcore Truth About Marriage!!! by Bishop David Oyedepo

Saw this online. Decided to share it here. Profound truths about marriage. Please read

1. There is nothing that threatens the security of a man than the thought of another man competing for the attention and affection of his wife. Nothing is more painful. Nothing is more disrespecting. Nothing is more insulting. Nothing is more belittling and degrading.

2. Marriage flourishes when the couple work together as a team; when both husband and wife decide that winning together is more important than keeping score.
Good marriages don't just happen. They are a product of hard work.

3. Your children are watching you and forming lasting opinions on love, commitment, and marriage based on what they see in you. Give them hope. Make them look forward to marriage.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mothers Day

Today is May 14th. It is Mothers Day.

It is a day set aside to honour mothers and to appreciate the influence of mothers in society.

It has many different dates around the world. However this day, the second Sunday in May, is the most popular day to celebrate this occasion.

Here is a video tribute to all mothers around the world.

"Life does not come with a manual... It comes with a Mother"

Happy Mothers Day

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