Thursday, January 18, 2018

To Those Grieving - You Are Not Alone

Dear BrokenHearted One,

Would you believe if I told you that thinking about your situation breaks my heart into small pieces?

Not because I understand how deeply you have been hurt or because I can relate to your level of grief but because I do not know what to say or do to bring you out of your misery.

I see the distant look in your eyes and I am scared you may never be present with us again no matter how near you are.

I also suspect there are times you close your eyes and open them again wishing your situation is a nightmare. You know I do this too with the hope that we can joke about it all in one of the social media chatrooms.

I ask after your welfare because I really do care and I know that the ‘I am fine’ reply is the wall you have built to shut out all the long sermons.

I am here with all these questions on whys and what-ifs but all I can hear is my own voice. I feel so defeated because I really do wish there was a balm that can be prescribed and applied to your torn heart.

My dear, I have typed so many times hoping to send you one of those long messages that all of those that care about you do send but I am sure you hardly read them anymore. So, I wouldn’t be sending this one to you.

You know what? Today I wouldn’t pause in my daily duties replaying the past occurrence in my head. I wouldn’t call you and babble words I can hardly remember.

However, I will stop by at your place on my way out and if you let me in, I will sit with you and gaze into space with you. I will cry with you if you allow the tears escape from your ever-glistering eyes. I will clean your floors and help you take out the trash from last week. I will try to find a way to help you to live again but before I do that, I will pray for you.

Do you ever know the right thing to say to someone in grief? Have you ever lost someone or found yourself in situations that make you question God’s existence?

I will be glad if you shared with us how you coped.

As for me, I used to have a close friend in my early days at the University who lost her mum. It was a shock to us all and I remembered that I was so confused on what to say or do that I retreated. I stopped going to check on her because I didn’t know how to act and somehow our relationship fizzled out.

As the years go by, I realized I was wrong. I could have done more to help her through those lonely times.

Today, I read the story of a young lady who has literally seen it all and my heart was torn. If I had superpowers, I am sure what I am going to do is end every good person’s miseries.

As a Christian, I believe in the peace that can be found by feeding on the Bible and professing the words of hope. Grief is a bad thing but my love, you are not alone. Job walked this path during his lifetime. Jesus is the son of God but he also experienced deep grief while in a manly body.He lost John the Baptist who was beheaded by Herod. He also lost his very good friend, Lazarus whom he later raised from death.

We may never fully understand why some bad things occur but we are assured of the promise that even when we walk through the shadow of death, the Lord would be with us.

You may find some answers by reading this earlier posted article.

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