Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year, Same Old You - That Rubbish Has to End

I love this time of the year especially that period from Christmas to the New Year. The wind blows differently and half the time, I cannot tell the days apart. It is always so joyful and warm.

The fireworks and loud banging sounds ushered in the new year. I was in a solemn mood, I had been praying and reflecting a lot in the last days because a lot happened in the year that passed that made me one of the lots that just wanted to jump right off November into January.

My wish was granted actually because December passed away in a blinding flash and here we are already on the second day of a year we just ushered in.

The new year seems to many like a new page or a new slate. To be honest, I am tempted to think it is but here is the thing. Clean slates and pages are good but they only exist in our minds.

When I was younger, I used to love to write on new pages. I would sometimes make my writing bigger or jump a few lines so that I could write on a new page in my notebook. The urge was more whenever I made a mistake that I had to cancel or If I had poor grades in my class assignments. I always wanted to get it behind me and put in my best on the new page. However much I tried to run/shy away from those mistakes, I would still feel the need to get off that page to run to a new page if I do not improve on my mistakes.

What this means is that new pages do not automatically grant brain resets. The problem isn’t the surface you are writing on just like the problem wasn’t that a particular year was jinxed. You are the writer, it is left to you not to repeat the same mistakes you made on the old pages.

There is a lot to be thankful for and you can actually treat the year as a fresh opportunity. You can write your long lists of resolutions and goals but you must be truthful to yourself about the mistakes you made. You do not want to be caught in the same web of dissatisfaction and could have and would have by the end of this new year.

Truthfully, that rubbish has to stop.

You have got to take control of your life and realize that whatever day or time you are given is for you to be a better version of yourself. Do not just say it, be about it.

Cheers to better living. May the grace of God abide with you always

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