Thursday, August 10, 2017

To Receive Or Not To Receive Whatsapp Calls

Many times, I have read and probably written posts on things to do to attract a life partner or how to avoid heartbreak. The catch in most of those posts is for you to comport yourself a certain kind of way. The writer writes based on personal experiences or experiences of other people. It may even have been written imagining the reaction of the average person.

While it is good to understand certain relationship expectations, it is also very important to appreciate the uniqueness of yours. Blindly taking everything to heart may be very selfish on your part. This is because many of these rules may have been shared from a good place but similar set of rules cannot be applied across board.

Recently, Toke Makinwa, the author of Onbecoming shared one of her relationship videos. She said that it is irritating for men to call women on WhatsApp calls because it is free.

It is an interesting train of thoughts and of course, it caused uproar with some people cosigning and others questioning the wisdom in such generalization.

I started this post commenting on the uniqueness of

Thursday, August 3, 2017

RAPE: I See You Sis

These past days have been emotional for me. I was going to write about something totally different but couldn’t.

Many people have come forward to share their stories of rape and molestation. This has left me drained-too drained to think.

These women have had to bear years of self-loathing and stigmatization that has shaped their lives and relationships.

I was close to getting raped a couple of times and I know how long it took me to move on. I still get flashbacks in my head of those very vulnerable moments of my life.

No one deserves to feel like that.

A mentally balanced being becomes plagued with a lot of ‘what ifs’ and ‘I could haves’ because of another person’s indiscretion.

A dash to the mini mart around the corner fast becomes one of the most regrettable moments of `a young girl’s life. Danger lurked in the dark pathway back to her house in the guise of three jobless men who felt she was ripe for the taking.
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