Thursday, August 10, 2017

To Receive Or Not To Receive Whatsapp Calls

Many times, I have read and probably written posts on things to do to attract a life partner or how to avoid heartbreak. The catch in most of those posts is for you to comport yourself a certain kind of way. The writer writes based on personal experiences or experiences of other people. It may even have been written imagining the reaction of the average person.

While it is good to understand certain relationship expectations, it is also very important to appreciate the uniqueness of yours. Blindly taking everything to heart may be very selfish on your part. This is because many of these rules may have been shared from a good place but similar set of rules cannot be applied across board.

Recently, Toke Makinwa, the author of Onbecoming shared one of her relationship videos. She said that it is irritating for men to call women on WhatsApp calls because it is free.

It is an interesting train of thoughts and of course, it caused uproar with some people cosigning and others questioning the wisdom in such generalization.

I started this post commenting on the uniqueness of each relationship because when I read some things or hear some things, I get scared for whoever might take such to heart.

Back in the days, network providers had free night call options and as a young girl, I found it irritating for someone trying to get my attention to call me around that time. It wasn’t really because it was free but because I didn’t appreciate being kept up by someone I wasn’t in love with. Fast forward to when I met my husband, I initiated the night calls many times because there was so much to talk about and catch up on.

Data calls are not out rightly unpaid for and even if they are, why despise a cheaper and efficient way for something to be done? Why should one be so adamant on the expensive option? If you have a man and you are looking at building a future together, why should your mode of communication matter so much?

Shouldn’t the whole idea be about who was calling or not? 

See, being in a relationship might sometimes mirror playing a game. You try not to take quicker steps that your partner is taking. You watch out for traits you may or not be able to live with and try to see if some things can be changed. Whatever you do, apply wisdom. 

Do not be so caught up playing a game that you let a good guy go. There are so many important things to focus on asides from the medium through which you communicate with your partner.

Do not let societal pressures and expectations mess your relationship up. Just like I wrote earlier, not every advice should be taken to heart. A lot of discretion is needed on your part to function in the best way and get the most out of your relationship.

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed by this write up from Toke Makinwa. Also thanks for the advice. You are right.


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