Thursday, August 24, 2017

3 Rules That Should Guide Your Relationship in This Social Media Age

This social media age is an interesting era in human history. Everything is different. One can consult with a doctor on a forum and be easily diagnosed. A dress isn’t gorgeous enough till there are a thousand likes and comments saying it is. 

Great and silly times I tell you. 

I still can’t understand how conversations go from what colour a gown is to racial discrimination- we need a moderator on these platforms. 

The standards touted around on the social media is a cause for worry too-Self-trained therapists claiming they have solutions to the world problem. The ignorance in some of the statements published is alarming. What is scarier is the number of people that support such uninformed statements. 

Why should you cook for your husband, doesn’t he have hands? Some ask. A woman above the age of 28 and unmarried should be ashamed, another opined. 

Interesting train of thought, right? 

In this age when the society isn’t really our next-door neighbours or members of our immediate communities alone, it is absolutely necessary to arm oneself with the necessary tools when navigating these online platforms; 

Not every advice is good advice: 

I have written about this severally but I feel the need to reiterate it more. The fact that a social media influencer thinks some things should be done certain ways doesn’t automatically make it alright. As similar as we may be, we all have our unique parts and relationships. 

You may be inspired or guided by some of these suggestions but do not let them dictate the pace of your relationship or marriage. If you have marital challenges, see a professional therapist or marriage counsellor. 

Nobody’s perfect: 

You probably already know this but I am sure you second guess yourself some times. Your social media timeline is mostly of beautiful photo shoots showing two lovers staring into each other’s eyes. Or you may stumble on lovely dedications made by a wife to her husband or vice versa. 

This may cause you to question many things in your own life. You may wonder why things are not going as smoothly. But allow me to remind you we share pictures of our best times on these platforms. A mum that shares pictures of herself in the park with her children has melt downs too. Lovers that proclaim their love for each other do not always agree. 

It is no competition: 

Jealousy is an emotion you need to control. The grass isn’t always as green as it seems from on the other side. We all bring our best games on social media, do not be so focused on how well someone else’s life is that you forget to be thankful for your personal progress. Do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself because of how well you think others are doing. 

Find your rhythm within your own relationship, do not be distracted by someone else’s music. 

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