Thursday, August 5, 2010

Watch these films - Fireproof and Why did I get married?

For those thinking of getting married or even the married folks, I would like you to watch these two films. Interesting and thought provoking.

The first one is Fireproof.

Released in 2008, Fireproof is about a heroic fireman locked in a failing marriage who accepts his father's challenge to take part in a 40-day experiment designed to teach both husband and wife the true meaning of commitment. This is a faith-based marriage drama starring Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea. Kirk Cameron is the veteran of three Rapture-themed 'Left Behind' movies. (I hope u have watched the 'Left Behind' movies)
I wouldn't want to give too much away but I would say it is a must-watch for couples and intending couples.

The second one is 'Why did I get married?'

The Tyler Perry film is about the difficulty of maintaining a solid relationship in modern times. Eight married college friends plus one other non-friend (all of whom have achieved middle to upper class economic status) go to Colorado for their annual week-long reunion, but the mood shifts when one couple's infidelity comes to light. Secrets are revealed and each couple begins to question their own marriage. Over the course of the week, the couples battle with issues of commitment, betrayal and forgiveness and examine their lives as individuals and as committed couples. This film explores the resultant emotional impact that fidelity and love have upon the constitution of marriage. It stars Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson and Jill Scott among others. It was released in 2007.

This film brings up topical issues in the modern day marriage.

You should be able to get these films at your local video club or buy them at the nearest video store.

Lets discuss if you have watched it or when you watch it.

By the way, the sequel to 'Why did I get married?', 'Why did I get married too?' was released about 2 months ago. This time, the same crew went to the Bahamas. I haven't seen it. For those who have seen it, is it worth watching?

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