Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to Deal with Rejection & Recover from a Breakup?

What is Rejection?

Rejection really sucks and it is a common tragedy that takes place everywhere on the planet. The causes are many like:

Lack of harmony
Lack of chemistry
Lack of communication
Lack of REAL attraction
Lack of mutual interests and orientation

What are the Reasons of Rejection?

To talk about the reasons, there are hundreds of them which lead eventually to painful breakup. It’s also an ugly by-product that comes with dating. It becomes difficult to handle because the feelings have committed and fates were almost entwined and no one has the ability to completely kill that pain caused or to forget momentarily. What we need is some patience and rational thinking to reduce the effects and minimize the bangs. There will be post-rejection traumas for sure, but one will recover once attempted to face the issue instead of immersing in crying, isolating oneself or drinking. This could happen in many ways by finding another soulmate, talking to your friends or consult an expert. Also, know and keep in mind that the person who rejected you is not the last one on earth and there are plenty of better persons but you just haven’t looked around. Making a martyr of yourself will not solve the problem, nor keep calling or soliciting or begging. What you should do is look into the future and go on with your life. Note that, these rejection steps come of course after trying to reconciliate and discuss the relationship with your partner. I am citing those steps when all your attempts go a wry or fail. So, instead of living in the cave that you built yourself, try to pave your way ahead and you will find excellent results.

How to Deal with Rejection?
We can see here that it is not the end of the world and there are millions out there who dumped or got dumped up because anyway, it’s not an easy task to find a soulmate. However, here are some tips on how to deal with it:

Face your rejection:
Deal with your pain and don’t just hide in your room or hide in a bottle of wine! No one denies the fact that there is a lot of pain involved but you will face it sooner or later, and since life is too short, you better face it NOW and move on.

Keep yourself busy:
Occupy yourself with some useful hobby, watch TV, go out with friends because your worst enemy here is being alone. So, just do whatever you like and who knows this might be a new beginning to a new relationship.

Don’t be around reminders:
Don’t listen to that song which reminds you of your partner; don’t go to the same place you both used to go, don’t be in places you used to hang around, stay away from their gifts or souvenirs. It’s true that you will live an agony for days, weeks or months, but life is too short and too busy to spend your time thinking of Mr. or Ms. Wrong.

Source: http://shamelabboush.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Deal-with-Rejection-Recover-from-a-Break-Up

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