Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Makes a Man Attractive? - Cindy Holman

Attractiveness is a unique feature, and as it’s impossible to learn how to become charming, it’s also very difficult to unveil the secrets which render a man attractive! Despite all that, the attractive man always shines differently and is easily distinguished among his peers. That charisma magnetizes us spiritually and physically as well.

Which brings up an interesting point. What makes a man attractive? Not just attractive – but more to the point – What makes a man attractive to a woman. Is it the way they dress? The way they smell? The car they drive? How much money they have? Awwww it’s a mystery to most men. It is because women are so different in their likes and dislikes.

But generally speaking. It doesn’t have much to do with the way a man looks on the outside. For me a man’s eyes say so much about him. Are they kind eyes? Do they sparkle with fun and amusement? I like a man’s eyes most of all. You can tell much about a person by their eyes – you know the old “window to the soul”.

I would have to say that it is also confidence. A man that is sure of himself is really attractive to a woman. It has little to do with wealth or position. You often see a very attractive woman with a man that doesn't seem to “measure up” to her – but she sees something very special in him – that reaches far past the “physical” appearance.

Women have a need to be protected and feel special. The wise man will fill that need for her – be the “hero” in her life – come riding in on that white horse and “save the day”. Keep her world safe – not ever want to see her hurting or crying. Real men DO NOT like women to cry – it makes them feel helpless and just want to punch something – it rips them up inside. They want to do ANYTHING to stop the pain and hurt. They want to be that person.

Women love men that are smartnot cocky – shy – childlike – strong – sensitive – warm and caring – adaptable – funny and sweet – full of fun. And a man that loves his family is to be admired. If a man loves and treats his Mommy and his sisters or other woman in his life right – you know that he will treat you right too. There’s nothing like a man who is on the shy side – and doesn’t even know how special he is. No attitude – no anger – no negativity. Just simple and childlike. Positive – giving and caring.

So does it have anything to do with what they wear? No. Or how they wear their hair? No. What about how much money they have – or possessions they own? Doesn’t matter. A real woman loves a man for what he is - not what he has.

Now dressing up in a suit and tie once in awhile – and a tux for a special occasion – like a wedding – is very special and very sexy to woman But the sexiest thing a man can do to be attractive – is to BE HIMSELF.

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