Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How To Love a Woman

Women are very sensitive beings. I remember telling my husband not to tell me ‘I love you’ like it was part of an everyday greeting. This is probably because I have my head in the books as to how I think romance should be in a relationship. Much as this might be a wrong approach to things, I know from experience that there is a place in the middle where reality and ‘books’ meet. See, I believe romance is a very important part of a relationship and should be paid close attention to. Every woman wants to be told she’s beautiful and above all feel needed.

We all would agree that love really does get so familiar that lovers get comfortable just role playing. I complimented a friend’s look the other day and she absent mindedly said she wished her husband would say that more often before she caught herself in mid-sentence. I sensed the longing in her for something that used to be. I know it is not like her husband doesn’t find her attractive anymore; he has just gotten so used to her that he has forgotten how she loves being told she is beautiful.

Thing is most times, men find it hard to understand this part of a woman. I have heard many men say ‘she should understand I am busy trying to provide a better life for her and the kids’. I have tried to explain to my friends of the opposite sex that what matters the most for most women are the little things. Money is good but a woman would feel more appreciated if your ears are at her table when she needs to talk. Nothing beats that feeling a woman gets when her man offers to fix dinner or takes her out to her favourite food joint (women’s love for food is inexplicable).

In the wake of most relationships, conversations were longer and words were said in certain ways that made them mean more. Women want to be treated and talked to with the same fondness that was there in the beginning of the relationship.

There are actually many things a man can do, like taking out the trash, offering to bath the kids. Having your woman's back when around other people. A woman just has to feel like she's been paid attention.

Do that 'little' thing it takes to bring back those butterflies to her belly.

We are approaching the end of the year, trust me there is no better time to appreciate your woman. Let her know that she is in your thoughts now and always.

In the words of Luther Vandross, ‘buy her a rose, call her from work, and open the door for her’.

Love your woman bearing in mind all the little things; it is the recipe to loving a woman right.

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