Friday, November 22, 2013

Is The World Ever Going To End?

My grandma is being covered with earth today. I wish I was there to pour sand on her. Come to think of it, I think I am going to tell my family members to allow my organs to be harvested if they are still going to be useful after my death. We are all not our bodies but souls after all. I have always known life is all vanity but dealing with her death just brings it nearer home for me. Oh! She lived a full life in case you are wondering; she was over a hundred years old. It’s just that no matter how long we spend here, the world outlives us all. 

I read history books a lot and I wonder what it was like to be in the world around 200BC.  I am sure if some of those alive then get a chance to take a look at the world again they would wonder how come the world still exists ‘cause atimes I feel like the world is on the verge of destroying itself that God had to come up with a genius idea like rapture us to preserve mankind.

 I was discussing with a friend about the life after and he was of the opinion that the world was never going to end. He said people will die and their souls will be judged individually, each one after his death but he doesn’t believe there will be a rapture of all souls and an end to the world as we know it now. He also argued that non Christians that are very moral and upright cannot be denied passage into heaven.

I am in support of the belief that each person’s rapture happens immediately after death with reference to the story of Lazarus and the rich man(Luke 16) but as to what would happen to non-christians,I told him what I have always known, that Jesus is the passage to heaven referencing John 3:16. The world is definitely going to end someday as contained in the book of revelations.  He wanted for me to step out of what the bible said and view it fairly using my human mind, I was almost tempted to. I wanted to believe what he believed but then the conviction that Jesus is Lord is deeper. 

There are many times I want to understand what God was thinking when particular things happen but the more I know, the more I still want to know.  Reason can’t be used to explain the things of the spirit. Like how it doesn’t make any human sense that God sent his only son to earth to be assaulted and killed for our sake or how we keep doing same damnable things over again but get forgiven and renewed .
I know there are many people out there that seek answers to questions such as the one asked by my friend. To you all, I want to say God will stop being God if he answers to us and explains to us why He is God. He is the one and only ruler and so unquestionable.

While this post might not help much in quieting your doubts, I hope it makes you want to reach out to any of your non-christian friends. They also deserve the promise we have in believing Jesus is the way.

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