Friday, October 24, 2014

Learn To Break The Vicious Cycle Of Unhappiness

There are times when we find ourselves stuck in a rot. It seems we are going around in circles, unable to decipher that we may be repeating the same mistakes,  albeit to different situations. In other words, we find ourselves in vicious cycles in our relationships,  spending habits, and in our general life choices. Irrespective of how hard we try,  we just can't break away.

Happiness is one of the key ingredients of a well-rounded life, so when we find ourselves in a constant rot of unhappiness, all other aspects of our lives are threatened with a lack of motivation,  loss of hope and faith and a general lack of desire to do anything. In order to successfully break the vicious cycle of unhappiness, we must first understand the basis and cause of it.

Unhappiness often starts with discontentment; many of us tend to focus on the many things we don't have,  rather than focusing on the good things we do have. We compare ourselves to other people whose lives seem to be better, and dwell in our discontentment.  This of course leads to frustration; we become agitated and try to race against time to achieve what we believe will make us complete. When this doesn't happen,  we become frustrated.  Our frustration leads us to sinful behaviour that causes us to be self-centered instead of God-centered. We become obsessed with the idea of what we could have, and generally become oblivious to the needs of other people around us, and even the needs of the church. At this point, our vulnerability to temptation is high, and we find ourselves considering options that we once condemned others for. Once we reach the stage of vulnerability to temptation,  it's really easy for us to fall for anything. At this point,  satan offers deceptive alternatives- cheating with a co-worker, indulging in questionable habits, using drugs etc.  Given our vulnerability,  it's often difficult to resist,  so we end up accepting these substitutes.  Ultimately,  we get burned and find ourselves right back where we started- discontent and frustrated. 

To break this vicious cycle, we have to nip it in the bud. Cultivate a habit of gratitude at all times!  You may not have all you want or need, but in gratitude put your trust in God. Make God's word the center of your life. His promises definitely never fail and He will come through for you at the right time. Don't compare yourself with those who live God-void lives; they may have all the things you want but theirs is given at a price. The devil gives nothing for free. Be grateful, spread good cheer and trust the Lord. Xoxo

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