Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Beware of the First Impression Trap

The first impression is a trap many people unknowingly walk into, and can't get out of. The first impression like many people say is either a deal breaker or a deal maker. It can set the course for professional, physical or deeply emotional relationships. It can set the stage for how a person treats you as an individual. It is more or less the foundation on which many relationships are either built or ignored. A bad first impression can really make you want to run in the opposite direction. A good first impression is magnetic, and can make you dreamily hope for a phone call or a text, perhaps even an email. A good first impression can also be a trap. 

For so many people, decisions are made based on first impressions. Many women make a decision to date a man based on the first impression they have of him. They make a decision to date based on a good first impression. And really, there is nothing wrong with being drawn to a person based on an amazing first meeting, however making decisions based on the first impression can be very tricky. Many men fall into this trap too, and start singing a different song a few months into the relationship. The songs may differ between sexes; however the chorus is always the same - "He/she is not who I thought she would be".

You're probably wondering why people spend their energy complaining about how much a person has changed when they can just leave. That's because a decision based on a good first impression is hard to reverse when the person's true character starts to show through the cracks. A decision based on a good first impression often results in you hoping that person will change and become the person you had an encounter with when you first met. A decision based on a good first impression means you're making a decision to date a person without first getting to know who that person really is. 

The first impression is a trap that can draw you in, but be sure to first assess a person's character before you start to think you've found the one. Be sure to spend enough time with a person before you make up your mind on whether or not you want to go into a relationship. XOXO

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