Sunday, January 8, 2017

If You Want A Submissive Wife, Do This!

Submission is fast losing its popularity; many ‘modern’ women are against it, many young men blame the new age feminist movement for the lack of ‘wife materials’, and many people continue to lament the death of the cultural model  that worked for couples in the past- a submissive wife and an assertive husband. It can be agreed, based on the numerous articles written on the subject of submission, that the phenomenon of submission as it was and is currently understood, is dying and a new form of submission is emerging – one that many young men are not embracing for fear of being labelled supporters of the feminist movement they very clearly despise.

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But submission does not have to die in this modern age, and the lack of ‘submissive’ women cannot be blamed on feminism. Women, even the new age feminists, are not men haters, nor are they seeking men they can control. On the contrary, these women are seeking real leaders and if you as a young man would like to build a functional family with a woman who mutually respects and cares for you, this is what you ought to do.

You have to treat your wife as an equal and establish a mutual vision with her for your family

This is where many young men of today fail. The idea of leadership is so misinterpreted in the minds of young men today, that they think leadership is an imposition of their will and their decisions on the women they marry, without first engaging in a mature discussion. This is where the rebellion comes in; this is where the wives revolt; this is where what is often described as the ‘anti-family’ form of feminism comes in, and everything goes to hell.

If you want to build a stable functional family with a wife who partners with you in every way, then you must treat that wife as a real partner. You must be willing to build a mutual foundation of understanding based on which all issues are resolved, and all decisions are made. If you want a wife who follows your lead, you have to first be a leader. To be a leader, you must be emotionally intelligent. Emotional intelligence does not come from impositions, threats or creating emotional distress for the woman in your life. Such a woman, even if she appears submissive, will only do so out of fear, not out of love. And fear does not birth happiness. It births rebellion, hatred and eventually a breakdown of the family. No woman with a good head on her shoulders will follow a man who cannot lead. 

Build your family on the right foundation of leadership and you will never have to worry about submission. XOXO 

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