Monday, February 6, 2017

Five Reasons You Shouldn't Date This New Guy

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It can be so exciting when a new guy comes around and showers you with all the attention you want. Let's face it, getting good attention from a dateable guy (and the definition of this is subjective) can make a girl feel like a million bucks, and before you know it, you are already matching smile for smile, blink for blink and sticking closer to your phone than your skin sticks to your flesh. But is this new guy who you really need at this mature stage of your life where you are seeking a relationship with depth? Here are five signs that he is probably not.

#1 He keeps telling you about how awesome he is: For some guys, the MO to win a lady over is to talk, talk and talk about how great they are, and how amazing their mothers tell them they are, how great their exes thought they were, how great they know they are.... you get the gist. Stay away! Many guys who keep talking about themselves expect the relationship to be all about them because you know, they are just so awesome.

#2 He's only interested in conversations that are about sex: This is not to say discussing sex is bad, but it is in your best interest to not date a guy whose ONLY interest is sex. Talk to him about your day, politics, societal issues, even gossip, and he's not interested? But the moment you discuss sex, his ears extend like a 20th-century antenna and his eyes widen? never mind. He is not worth your emotional investment. He is not mature enough to converse like an adult and your relationship will boil down to just one thing - sex.

#3 He makes fun of his single exes: I personally find it distasteful for a guy to tell me about the ladies who broke up with him and are still single years later. Firstly, it tells me he has no idea why they broke up with him; hence, he hasn't learned anything from it. Secondly, it tells me he is the type to kick others why they are down. He is certainly the type who rejoices if things don't work out for others especially if they don't work out for him too.

#4 He lets you handle the big stuff alone: Ever been told "you are a big girl. You can handle it" while he is playing video games or watching his favourite sport? Yeah... don't expect that to change even when he is doing nothing.

#5 He can't think through his own life: I find these days that many men, sweet as they are, expect to be built by the women in their lives. They expect you to push them, tell them what to do, teach them the steps to take, and basically carry the psychological load of the decisions they need to make on their backs. Don't bother going there. You will be thinking for him for the rest of your life, Alluring as that may sound, it becomes exhausting too!

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