Monday, February 20, 2017

Living single: Five Things To Do Regularly While You Are Single

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travel alone or with friends. The point is to create amazing memories

No, I am not going to tell you to go to all the church vigils and fast for your spouse while in waiting. Not to say those are not fun (if you are into that), but there are many other interesting activities you should get involved in as a single person. Here are my top five. 

#1 Travel to a place you've always wanted to visit: I am not referring to a honeymoon-like spot where you will get depressed watching other lovers kiss and exchange love notes. No, I am talking about that place you've always wanted to go for interest's sake. It does not have to be somewhere thousands of miles away. It could even be a road trip to the next city; it could be a trip around your region. Travel with a good friend or a couple of friends. The point of this is to make memories you will smile about when you eventually get married. 

#2 Develop a new hobby: Many single people are miserable because they are not into anything interesting. They keep waiting for their future partners to show up so they can do interesting stuff together. STOP doing that to yourself. The less-engaged you are with interesting activities, the longer the wait for your spouse seems. So start a new hobby; join a bowling or running club if you are into sports, join a book club if that is your thing, but don't sit in isolation on your couch eating potato chips and feeling sorry for yourself. 
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Don't spend time alone sitting around feling sorry for yourself

#3 Go out to breakfast at different places: If there is one thing I enjoy doing, it is discovering cosy places for breakfast, and I mean really cheap and delicious breakfasts. I actually wake up on Saturday mornings, take a shower, dress up and go out to breakfast. What is the point of this you might ask? It is a way for you to know your environment, gain confidence in your relationship status, and is an avenue to meet new people. Believe me, if you find the right place, there will be another single person checking you out, and who knows what that will lead to? 

#4 Accept invitations to events without over-thinking: The solitary single life can be so addictive that the thought of going anywhere seems like too much work. Ditch that thought process and take this advice. Go to events you are invited to (except you don't like the people who will be going). Not knowing anyone there is not an excuse not to go. What is the point of going to a party only to chat to people you know? Go to parties and chat with people you don't know, join the dance circle, forget your phone. Loosen up and have fun. 
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You don't have to know the people around you to have fun. G out, enjoy parties, meet new people and loosen up

#5 Invite your friends to lunch or dinner and encourage them to invite their friends of the opposite sex: Inviting friends over can make your life robust, and it is even better when they invite their friends who are dateable. The beauty of such meetings is that if you don't meet the love of your life, you will make new friends. And you know what they say.... your network is your net worth.

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