Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How do you react to conflict in your relationship?

Conflict resolution
Conflicts may occur in any relationship and Marriage is not an exception. The presence of conflicts in marriages are often due to our basic points of difference. As such every conflict situation, we face has a potential to make the relationship stronger or destroy oneness. Individuals react to conflict in different ways as outlined below:
  • Fight to win: This is the ‘I win, you lose’ or ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ position. You seek to dominate the other person; personal relationships take second place to the need to triumph. 
  • Withdraw: You seek to avoid discomforts at all costs saying ‘I’m uncomfortable so I’ll get out’. You see no hope of resolving the conflict, or you lack the strength to confront it. You cope by giving your mate the silent treatment. 
  • Yield: You assume it is far better to go along with the other person’s demands than risk a confrontation. Rather than start another argument, whatever you wish is fine. To you a safe feeling is more important than a close relationship. 
  • Lovingly resolve: You commit to resolving the conflict by taking steps to carefully and sensitively discuss the issue. Resolving a conflict requires a special attitude-one of humility, of placing the relationship at a higher priority than the conflict itself. You value the relationship more than winning or losing, escaping or feeling comfortable. 
  • Bickering, giving in, giving up or denying conflict - are other ways people resort to.
How do you resolve conflict in your relationship?

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