Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Should Christians Consider Artificial Insemination?

I am sure You will not find the answer to this question in the Bible since the technology for Artificial Insemination did not exist in the Bible times. However, with the intellectual curiosity and progress of mankind, this is now a topic that we face in modern times.

First of all, I would like to define Artificial Insemination in the words of Wikipedia as:

"the deliberate introduction of semen into a female's vagina or oviduct for the purpose of achieving a pregnancy through fertilisation by means other than ejaculation. It is the medical alternative to sexual intercourse, or natural insemination."

Artificial Insemination is generally used when a man's sperm count is not sufficient to allow pregnancy or there is some physical or psychological problem involved in sexual intercourse.

Since there is no explicit word in the Bible that states whether this is right or wrong. I must state that this is my opinion and it is based on Biblical reasoning.

I do not think there is anything wrong with Artificial Insemination if the Couple do not have the faith to allow for sexual intercourse to result in pregnancy and ultimately a child PROVIDED it involves the the sperm and the egg of the married couple.

As long as both the egg and the sperm are from the same couple, the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman is preserved.

However, I do take exception if a married couple accepts the sperm from another man (a man outside of the marriage bond). Even if the couple (man and woman) agree on this, I do not think it is right. The marriage is inviting a third party into their marriage and it has consequences which can arise later in life.

Let's consider this issue deeply for a moment.
  • Most men that consider sperm from another man may just want to go along with the procedure because they want their wives to be happy. However, you will see them denying when there is an issue with the resultant child from this union.
  • The consideration of a third party destroys the sanctity of marriage. It can be considered as an adulterous occurrence.
  • Also look at what happened between Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. Sarah wanted to help by giving Hagar to Abraham to get a child. See what happened in the end even though all parties agreed before this took place. Let us remember that Christian Marriage is a covenant between the husband and wife with God and people as witnesses. This covenant is taken seriously by the Lord. It should also be taken seriously by the couple. 
Now some people might claim that using another man's sperm to impregnate a woman is not morally wrong because there is no physical act of adultery involved and there is no intent of adultery. Also, if the husband agrees, then how could the impregnation be adulterous?

We must be very careful to not let situational ethics govern biblical principles. Let's ask ourselves. What did God say about bringing children into this world? God has ordained that children should be brought forth into this world within marriage. It should be between a man and his wife. Whether or not the physical act of adultery has occurred or not, does not excuse the fact that the sperm of another man has entered the body of a woman to whom he is not married.

For those seeking the fruit of the womb, God knows all situations and circumstances and is in complete control. Let God act. He will not lie. Just wait patiently and seek His face.

Pray for any related disobedience in the past, pray for the spiritual and physical severance for any generational curse. Do not hold any aught any person and God will manifest in your life.

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