Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7 Principles Real Men Abide By.

For those of you who ask the question "How can I recognise a real man?"

I'll be sharing 7 principles that Real Men abide by.

(1) Real Men are Loyal to God: 

God is the source of every life, any man who is not loyal to God can never be loyal to you. Being loyal to God means that you have an affectionate relationship with Him. Ladies, love is infectious and God is love. If he doesn't spend real time with God, how can he have the love of God that is rich and pure to infect you with? The true love of a Real Man, begins with his Love for God.
He must be loyal to God.

(2) Real Men are Loyal to Purpose: 

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. Purpose is the reason for one's existence, purpose is what defines a man, and if a man is not defined, he cannot decide correctly. Someone once said; abuse is inevitable if purpose is not known.
Ladies, if he doesn't know what he's life purpose is, you better don't stick around him because you will share from his abusive and indecisive lifestyle. The worst thing that can happen to a lady is to be in love with him and in the process he discovers purpose and realise you can't fit into his life purpose.

(3) Real Men are Loyal to themselves: 

No one will treat you better than they treat themselves. As a matter of fact, it is written in the good Book: "Love your neighbour as yourself." Ladies, if he doesn't give attention to details, not meticulous about things that matter, doesn't take care of his health by avoiding smoking, taking alcohol and association that keeps him out late at night, I fear that he loves himself.
If the truth were to be told, Real Men can't love you except they first love themselves.

(4) Real Men are Loyal to their Subject of LOVE:

Love is so powerful that beyond feeling it, it can also be seen. Ladies, don't let a man tell you that he loves you and he doesn't show you the love. Because, when a real man is truly in love, he can't hide it even if he tries to. To a real man, love is a flow and commitment (he loves even when he doesn't feel like loving her, & love makes him forgive her easily in spite of what may have triggered an offense or offences). Show me a Real Man and I will show you someone who's committed to loving his woman until death do them part.

(5) Real Men are Loyal to the womb that gave birth to them/guardian:

Any man that doesn't have someone he honours, can never be a Real Man.
Ladies, if he listens to no mother, father, guardian, elder or mentor's advice, then being with him is simply being in hell holes. Sometimes he may misunderstand you and not give you the chance to explain yourself because of his current state of anger. Do you know anyone he listens to that can help you out? Think!

(6) Real Men draw mentoring from wise and sound sources.
The advice a man takes could make or mar him. Mentoring is important for all people. Mentors prove to be  trusted counselors and teach a man the wisdom of the scholars and lends moral support, and provide wise career and spiritual advisement. So ladies be careful if a guy tells you that Dennis Rodman is his mentor.

(7) Real Men are teachers:
To be correctly taught is to be well led.
Eve was first in Adam before God pulled Eve out of Adam. And when God gave Adam the instructions of what to eat and what not to eat Eve was not there, so it was Adam's duty to teach her correctly to a point of confidence. Because confidence comes from competence &competence comes from right understanding. If Adam had fulfil his role as a teacher, Eve would not have been vulnerable to the enemies temptation.
Ladies, do not marry any man who will not take time to diligently teach you. 
Your first pastor &mentor once you are in a relationship/marriage, should be your man.

Emmanuel Stanley Ofoha 

Emmanuel can be reached on his Twitter handle.

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