Saturday, May 11, 2013

Challenge Checklist - Overcoming Challenges As A couple

If we are realistic, every marriage has trials. Some result in endless arguments, hateful words, silence and mental blame games. Throw the demands of raising children into the picture and you have the perfect recipe of disaster. 

However, faith grows best under attack. The person who prays to God to take away all challenges may be asking for a sickly spiritual life. Abraham and Sarah are both commended for their great faith but their failures are recorded for our instruction and encouragement too. Sarah's submission through all their "Gulliver's" travels through the deserts and towns of ancient scripture. Even when it was her husband was making some obvious mistakes and Abraham's continual devotion to her and faith in the promises the Lord had given him. 

Being married myself, I know that even the most cool headed, God fearing and loving couple encounter bumps along the road while some encounter full blown dredging sites. No matter what might be, if you recognise this ahead of time you can fully arm yourself to give the challenge your best shot. Weather this means praying through the night, reading articles, going through counselling, observing other successful couples or simply using trial and error the conviction and dedication to manoeuvre through complex problems together in unity is what will ensure success. 

As children of God we must bear in mind that in the spiritual scheme of things, every circumstance or situation brings along beneficial consequences. As couples who have embarked on a lifelong journey together we must experience these often unwelcome situations knowingly and with childlike trust in the omniscience of God. 

Joyfully, voluntarily and harmoniously couples in this mutual experiencing, should courageously, with unselfish consideration for one another face all challenges and cherish every triumph. I can't imagine what joy Sarah must have experienced when she could finally feel her baby kicking inside her- God's promise coming to pass. Such a marriage, through it's sheer happiness sets a priceless example of the next generation. 

I'm convinced that  when we obediently walk in God's will and believe that nothing is too big for Him, we can all attain that type of joy no matter what it seems life is throwing at us today. 

Ijeoma Olujekun

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