Monday, May 20, 2013

Stop Giving Him The Cute Puppy Dog Face! Do the Needful.

There is a story that you may have heard about a man who once lost his valuable watch in an ice house. All of his fellow workers diligently searched the ice house looking for the watch. They combed every inch of it, but they couldn’t find it. A little boy, hearing about their search, slipped into the ice house and quickly emerged with the watch. All of the men were amazed and they said, “How did you find it?” And he said, ” 

Well I simply went to the ice house, closed the door, laid down quietly on the floor, and then I began to listen. After a while, I could hear the tick, tick, tick of the watch.” Are you training yourself to listen for that still, small voice of God?

At various points in our Christian walk, God gives us various instructions. Some time ago I decided to spend some time waiting on the Lord. I just wanted to hear from Him, I told my husband and the fast began. On the third day, I was given a very clear instruction. Funny enough, it was something that had been in my spirit for a while but this time I heard clear in no uncertain terms, what I was supposed to do.

I was glad that I had received a word from God. It wasn't what I was expecting but it was what I had to do. Then it occurred to me, how was I going to do this? Maybe I should do it next week or next month, surely I can't handle this now. I will wait for the perfect time.

So life went on. I would pray as usual and go to church but this instruction was there and so was my blatant disobedience. My husband would remind me but I was busy on my procrastination binge. Finally, I went ahead to do what I was instructed to and then it became crystal clear why it was so important. Why I should have done this long ago and why it seemed that all of a sudden God seemed silent.

I learnt something, many times when God is silent, there is an instruction that was given. Someone put it like this: The silence of God is like a teacher who has spent the whole term teaching the student various topics and then the season comes when the teacher must be quiet- during exams. During this time the teacher must be quiet and often the student can tell the teacher is right there but no matter how hard the student chews the pencil, stares up at the ceiling or makes the cute-puppy dog-please-could-you-give-me-a -hint-face, there is just silence. Why? Because there is a test going on and the student must prove that he/she learnt the lesson.

This points to the fact that the silence of God leads to promotion-just remember his last instruction. What has he told you to do recently?  are you waiting to hear Him again? Are you making "puppy dog faces?

Ijeoma Olujekun.

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