Monday, June 17, 2013

Before You Get Married Please Read...

1. Once you are hooked to the wrong person the battle is over, you will either be managing or patching till you die. If a goat marries a fish, how would they live or where would they be meeting each other? It is only when the goat is thirsty and goes to the river to drink water that they will only see briefly as the fish will jump out to greet the goat and swim away. Any marriage where both partners see each other once in a long while is likened to the goat and fish illustration. Marriage does not make marriage. It is the people in marriage that make marriage.

2 .Compatibility is worked out, of course you may never get a perfect person. But with dedication, knowledge and wisdom compatibility will start building, that is if he or she is the right person.

3. But the major challenge in getting married is choosing the right person. You don't choose a person because he or she is available or eligible. You choose a person because that person is the right for you.

4. Run away from any man or woman that is easily angered by nature; that is getting angry easily is he or she's lifestyle. It is difficult to change that person. But if someone gets angry by mistake, that person can be corrected but if it is his or her nature, you have to think twice.

5.It is possible to be dating the wrong person or be in courtship with the wrong person. Don't hold on when its time to let go.

6. Once your choice is right then you are on the right track. How can a lion be married to a goat? What
happens when the lion is hungry? Any man that beats his wife is likened to a lion. Any woman that oppresses her husband is also likened to this scenario.

7. There are some people that are highly flamable, please do not take a box of matches near them. What this means is that these people's hearts are made of stone, giving them your soft heart in love is a mistake. They will not value it.

8. Love may be blind to many, but marriage will definitely open the eyes. Love in reality is not blind, when you start seeing those unchangeable signs during courtship please keep off. When a man starts cheating on you while dating, it is a sign that he will do much more when he is married to you. He or she may legally begin to cheat on you because he is now married legally to you.

9. Dating is not for outings alone, dating is for learning, watching and examining. Watch out for negative signs to see if it can be dealt with, if it cannot be dealt with in courtship it may not change in marriage.

10. To get the right person, try to be the right person. Work on yourself, work on your flaws.

11 The world is plagued with divorce today because many marry without paying attention to these facts. We marry without knowing the person, to a large extent.

12. Don't practice divorce before you get married. Breaking relationships over and over again, is not healthy, your emotions are affected in the process. Wait for the right person.

13. Don't marry because you cannot enjoy your singlehood. If you are happy being single, then you will be happy being married and if you are not happy while still single...

14. Marriage is not an escape from singlehood but marriage is actually a graduation from singlehood...moving
from writing simple exams of life to writing harder exams.

15. Do not rush into marriage because you are under pressure or you are feeling you are the odd one out. When you are feeling everyone is getting married except you, is the wrong reason to marry

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