Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ladies, Change Your Mind

Every challenge in our lives has been overcome with one key principle – the renewed mind. That doesn't say that we have overcome much at all, in fact the reverse is true, each day poses its own challenges. But even though this is true, we do not approach them with the same desperation and bleakness we did before because we, as it were, have received a master key - the renewed mind. The greatest thing you can say to an unbeliever is “be born again". 

The greatest message you can preach to a believer is “change your mind!”  To live differently, we must change our mindsets from how we previously viewed things.  There is no make-over like a Holy Spirit make – over. I have been for the better part of my life, a person who struggled and lost the battle with a low estimation of myself. There were times I hated myself so deeply, I couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror. I struggled with weight issues.

I Never EVER content with the way my body was at any given time. As such I didn't see how my husband or anyone for that matter, could love me or be satisfied with the way I looked. This, in turn, bred fear. It was just a cocktail of disastrous outcomes waiting to happen. I allowed the devil unrestricted access to my mind (by not seeking the vital attention I needed) I believed lies about who I was. I now know better. The trick of the enemy – his ace – is ISOLATION. Add isolation to any other weakness or sin, and what might have been otherwise a small matter quickly becomes a deadly situation. 

God revealed to me a long time ago through one of the most unlikely of sources, that the one thing I MUST do if I ever found myself in a ‘dark’ place is to MAKE SURE to let LIGHT IN. Make sure you ‘EXPOSE’ the infection to fresh air and light (God the Holy Spirit). It soon became clear that if God did not step in I would self-destruct.

This was a battle for the control of my mind. Up until then I had been fighting with the wrong weapons.  Drastic circumstances called for drastic measures…and so we invited the MASTER ARCHITECT Himself, the Original Designer of my body to step in. Sometimes He would work at a slow and steady pace (almost indiscernible to the ‘untrained’ eye) other times so quickly, it would be painful. But through all of it, there was always the underlying knowledge that He was at work in me. He changed my ‘perception’ of my body. And taught me why I should love the work of His hand – me!

For as many as are struggling with the easily besetting sin, we reckon ourselves this day DEAD INDEED to sin. We refuse to give room to sin to reign in our mortal bodies. We will NEVER surrender to sin but to God. For SIN SHALL NOT HAVE DOMINION OVER US.For as many as are dealing with a warped self-image, we declare that we are the redeemed of the LORD for He has delivered us out of the hand of him that was too strong for us by the power of His blood. We CAST DOWN EVERY HIGH thing that exalts itself AGAINST THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD and bring into CAPTIVITY EVERY THOUGHT to the obedience of Jesus Christ. We receive now the Mind of Christ by the power of His Holy Spirit in the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ amen!

By Igwiyisi Jacobs

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