Monday, June 24, 2013

Covenant Court Poll Results!

Unequivocally, most people believe that lack of communication and not understanding each other contributes the most to failed marriages. So ladies and gentlemen do find time to COMMUNICATE!!!  Listen to your spouses verbal and nonverbal cues. Here are a few articles that might help. How To Say It Even Better (Without Saying A Word)When Your Phone Becomes a Barrier to CommunicationYou're Saying What You're not Saying - Non Verbal Communication

What is the major contributor to failed marriages?

Other people –In-laws, children, outsiders.

Money – The pursuit for more or the lack thereof.

Tragedy--Misscarriage, loss of a child, illness.

Communication – Not understanding eachother.

Boredom – One or both stop learning, exploring or simply having fun together

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