Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sex Appeal as a Promotion Strategy

Here is one element that arouses the immediate interest of both men and women. Sex, perhaps not surprisingly, has the greatest universal acceptance of all stratagems ever used in advertising. Sex in advertising is becoming bolder, diverse, and more far reaching and so are the ladies.

“A guy can still admire, can't he? Even those who can't afford to go in the store can still window-shop. Right? He can still covet the merchandise . How does our single and searching woman find Mr. right since his eyes have been distracted by the Hottie McHottie of Hotland in aisle 5?"

She doesn’t, he finds her. Although a man's eyes may look at the sparkling Christmas tree, he is really interested in the present underneath. Women possess so much more than just curvaceous bodies and pretty faces, we possess the ability to nurture people, ideas, dreams, we possess the greatest delicacy of intuitive perception, the ability to inspire manage, plan and direct, we are compassionate, in touch with our emotions, uninhibited about showing them which makes us expressive and compelling. I even came across a study that says women are biologically wired to be be charitable. Ladies, your description goes far beyond medium long black hair, full lips, brown eyes, 36DD, 26 waist, 36 inch hips. God placed something so special inside us and our beauty on the outside should be only a reflection of that.

Decade after decade more and more ladies rely on this tool to get the attention of a potential mate. However, much like comedy or tv shows, advertisements age rapidly. A successful marketing campaign may indeed earn its company an initial competitive advantage, but that advantage fades quickly unless it is translated into brand loyalty. It is extremely important to any God fearing man that he can trust you to teach the children right from wrong, the Christian faith, especially when it goes against your compassionate feminine nature. We have all seen where a mother understands parenting and child development so much that she won't yield to a screaming disobedient child because he has to learn the habits that will see him on to a Ph.D in physics.

Many of us don't realise we have so much personality I used to think that I had no charisma and charisma was just for movie stars. But it's a behavioural quality that anyone can develop and it is very attractive. Charisma is definitely not something which comes automatically to every famous person. We can all think of countless famous people and celebrities who have zero charisma, but won't name names. Many new believers might feel they have the short end of the stick but our belief in the Almighty God and his precepts gives us an underlying sense of purpose, a set of values -principles - which drive decisions and actions. It makes us dynamic.

It is also my feeling that so many ladies are attracted to the wrong kind of men. The beginning of much sorrow is choosing a man based on the wrong criteria, unconsciously you become available for that kind of person. The man who will listen to your opinions and allow you be the helpmate that The Almighty designed you to be, will be looking for much more than sex appeal in a lady who looks like she could be mildly useful to a low-rank porn director.

But don't get me wrong, get your nails done and take good care of hair and maintain a healthy weight, it all adds to your overall package but say NO to relying on sex appeal!!!

Stay Blessed

By Ijeoma Olujekun

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