Sunday, October 6, 2013

5 Potentials flashpoints when choosing a life partner

These are many potential flashpoints to consider when choosing a life partner. Here are 5 top flashpoints you must look out for.

1. When the two partners are from different christian denominations or even different faiths
. Now when you have a man that grew up in a Catholic home wishing to marry a woman from an Anglican home, there might be an issue as to the church the family will eventually go to. It is always better for the couple to choose a common denomination. It solves a lot of issues and makes it easier on the children.  It is not always good to see the mum and children going to one church and the father going to another.  The couple should realise that the man has the veto power to determine the church, faith. So the woman should realise this upfront.

2. When the age gap between the man and woman is more than 10 years. Though some people say that age does not matter, I daresay it matters in some cases. When the age gap between the man and the woman is such that the siblings of the man are older than the wife, this might be a potential flashpoint. The average man likes to be respected and when it comes to a younger wife, he might expect to get the same level of respect that he gets from his siblings. So if the wife acts otherwise, he might find it hard to swallow. You might possibly find that their idea of fun might be very different because they are at different stages in their lives.

3. When two first-borns marry. Typically first borns are used to dishing orders while growing up. Now imagine when you have two partners coming together in marriage, there is likely to be initial tension as to who the boss is. Each partner should learn to work as a team in marriage.

4. A person from a polygamous family getting married to a person from a monogamous home. There is definitely a difference in the way these people see responsibility, relationships and family values. For most of the time, the person from the polygamous home thinks (s)he has the responsibility of his/her mother and biological siblings. The person therefore sees the father as a distant person that only brings home the bacon. Now the person from the monogamous family tends to see the father as a close person in the family.

5. Marrying the first male in a family with a living mother and many siblings to take care of. Any woman dating this kind of guy should realise that the guy has responsibilities that she should be aware of. Despite this, the man should also know that once he gets married, the woman becomes the first woman in his life. He needs to be able to manage this else this could potentially lead to many arguments along the way. 

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