Thursday, October 10, 2013

Children - Gift from God or A Burden

One of my passions is playing with children and hear them say the funniest things.

Having them is one of the joyous things in life. Psalm 127:3 states that "Children are a gift from God; they are a reward from him." but having so many could make it a burden and not a gift. It's a gift when you have the number of children you can cater for; on the other hand having children becomes a burden when you have more than your resources can cater for. 

My question is "why bring these children into the world to suffer when you know you can barely afford three square meals or still struggling to make ends meet". 
Having too many children can bring about financial and emotional stress. You may have to purchase a larger car and spend more money on meals. It can be difficult for many parents to find the resources to pay for higher education for each child or even send them to ‘Harvard Business School (US)’ or ‘Corona (Nigeria)’. If you have children of different gender, you may wish to house them in separate rooms; this necessitates the purchase or rental of housing with more space. Parents of large families may find it hard to spend an adequate amount of time supervising each child everyday. 

I wear a sad face when I see children hawking on the streets during school hours because their parents can't afford to send them to school. Family planning is ideal when you have the number of children you can cater for. I don't want to deviate into family planning because it's a topic on its own and I guess you have heard about it but so many people shy away from it. Someone told me that he would never subscribe to family planning because it is not God's will; this guy is an okada rider who stays in a room apartment with nine children. *Sigh* who should be SFH's (Society for Family Health) ambassador if not him. 

“In 2010, 90,000 British mothers and fathers were quizzed about their circumstances and how happy they were with their lot in life. This study showed that marriages become happier with the arrival of a baby - with three children bringing the most joy. However, children only brought happiness to couples that were married. If a pair was simply living together, the birth of a child tended to bring discontent, the Glasgow University study found. Researcher Luis Angeles said this might be because the commitment of marriage brings with it the readiness to have children. Or, that parenthood brings the most benefits when conditions were right'. Dr. Angeles' analysis also revealed that a married couple's happiness increases with the birth of each child, up to the third. With child number four, levels of satisfaction start to dip”.

So how many kids should you have? Only you can decide the answer to that question.

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