Monday, October 21, 2013

Does your physical appearance matter in marriage?

Have you noticed that that most people’s appearance changes after marriage? Usually, the guy is the first to change - an extra padding of fat everywhere, he looks more beefed up and then for some, the ‘beer’ belly (eeeewww). Thankfully, not all of them get that far, though some think it’s a sign of good living. Indeed !?

As for the ladies, it’s usually just a nice healthy ‘love’ glow which progresses to a pregnancy glow (hopefully) and then pregnancy weight gain and then boom! They explode. For some, it takes more than one episode of childbirth to do that but it eventually happens. Then the lady does everything she can to get her pre-baby, hot-bod back. Some try and give up quickly - too much work. Some never even bother do. A minority get it back quickly (lucky them)

And then, there are some people who have no issues with weight gain at all. They look nice and trim all the days of their lives. We are happy for them (notice the envious tone)

Where am I going with this? - Your spouse is, more likely than not, going to change in appearance, especially with regard to weight. How does this affect how you see them? Do you see your wife’s stretch marks and think – eeeeww! So not like the hot chicks on TV. Or do you think - aaaaww, she got this from carrying and delivering our children. What about your husband’s growing tummy - do you think it’s a sign to everyone that you’re taking good care of him, rather than the fact that midsection fat is a sign of poor health for everyone and for men particularly?

How about tackling my own issues and making sure my physical appearance generally and weight specifically is pleasing to my spouse. Ladies, we all know the ‘competition’ out there, but hey, guys have got to keep up too. After all, I’ve got to look at you every day for the rest of my life. Surely, I should be pleased with what I see. The pressure always seems much more on the women, but in this day and age, it’s beginning to tell on the guys too.

My point? Be happy with who you are, with how you look and with how you feel. If you’re not, it’s likely your spouse isn’t either. If you need motivation, think about your spouse. It takes two. If I like the fact that he’s nice and trim, especially since he watches what he eats and plays both football and tennis regularly, how about I get rid of my love-handles by going to the gym three times a week rather than splurge on chocolates every night?.... then again, maybe not ;)

By Hazel


  1. If you love and celebrate "you" others, especially your significant other, would do so too

  2. I totally agree with Anonymous... I shall celebrate 'me' with a box of chocolates this very night ;)

  3. Lol!@ur comment to anonymous. Very true @'if you are happy with yourself,so will your spouse be too. Confidence and a healthy lifestyle are infectious!lovely write up hazel and easy on the chocs!

  4. Hey Tmone, tnx for the comment and the free quote 'confidence and a healthy lifestyle are infectious!'


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