Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Facing Trials

Sleep comes for me at very odd hours so it felt like mid day even though it was minutes to midnight. The power finally got restored after two days, so after doing my joyful leaps, I proceeded to turn off the generator and switch on the power button on the air conditioner. I heard a cackle first then almost immediately there was a visible glow. The air conditioner in the living room was on fire and just below the air conditioner was our silky drapes. I was conflicted and didn’t know what to do because the fire seemed to be spreading fast. I shouted for my husband to come to my aid, he ran to the main power source to turn it off and that worked like magic. The smoke filled the room but the fire was gone. We hugged ourselves knowing we just lived through a miracle, things could have been worse if he wasn’t around. I couldn’t even start to imagine all the ‘what ifs’ that went through my mind.

I was about typing an entirely different post before that happened. That short period of time ministered to me. It could have been worse but God was with us, I was very thankful for God’s grace. All the sadness that engulfed my mind from the day before vanished and I was thrown into a pool of gratefulness.

Yesterday,  I heard a story about a woman who committed suicide after losing her five children to ritualists. I also heard of another couple that lost a child they waited sixteen years before having. The feeling I got from all those news was one of gloom and of the world destroying itself. My heart was heavy and saddened. I could not imagine the kind of hurt those people would have felt. Do you wonder how hard it is to tell people in such situations that God has them in mind?  I wondered what kind of prayers they would say if they could say any at all. I dwelled on the unfairness of life.

We all have our share of life’s woes, some seem more unlucky than others but one thing is constant. God sees and knows all. An aborted fire outbreak can in no way be equated with the death of five kids but His eyes are on us all. God is God, He is unquestionable and His ways are sometimes difficult for us to understand but He never forsakes us. I wonder at Job’s state of mind when he had to go through all that tribulation.

 I remind myself of God’s word that say we won’t be tested beyond what we can handle. He said he will always provide a way out.We understand the concept of grace atimes after going through very terrible experiences just like Job and Daniel.

Trusting in God is a test of our faith. In the lowest of times, it is hard to tell another of God’s supreme plan and love for man but He really does love us . I pray for His grace to abide with us all.

My heart goes out to all those going through hard times, I pray for intestinal fortitude for them to go through their trying times and for them to discover God’s extraordinary grace.
And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.1Peter5:10

Have a beautiful month.

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  1. Nice write up. Thank God for HIS faithfulness. At the trial period it looks like this is unbearable but later u'l look back & say, it looked bad then but God really knows what HE was doing.
    I try daily to pray for those mourning, in one situation or the other (especially when innocent), those in need and even those without shelter like at the bustop when its raining.
    I believe in God and I truly love HIM. Remzy


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