Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Friday; Sunday is coming

This morning at Church, as the pastor went over the events that occurred at Christ's crucifixion, a thought crossed my mind... "What did Christ's disciples think?" What went through their minds as Christ carried the cross, beaten, mocked and eventually nailed to the cross? Did they hope for a miracle? After all, Christ raised the dead, healed the sick and provided food for thousands with loaves of bread and fish that could barely feed a family. 

I'm sure at some point, they must have expected him to send fire on his tormentors with just a few words, they must have been watching, waiting, listening for his big moment when he'd eventually show those insolent rascals he's God! But that did not happen. Instead, he gave up the ghost and his last few words- "my father, my father, why have you forsaken me?" And "It is finished" must have caused his disciples to think all was lost! The man they followed for years could not save himself! I imagine they must have been absolutely disappointed. Little did they know.... It was friday, sunday was coming!

Are you in a situation you don't understand? A situation that renders you helpless, a situation that simply seems to be unresolvable? Are you losing hope because it seems like even God can't save you? Do you feel the devil is rejoicing over your misery like he most probably did when Jesus was punished for simply being the son of God? 

I have a message for you today. All your pain, suffering and sadness will end. It's still Friday. Nobody, not even the devil imagined Christ would rise from the grave, victorious! So, keep calm, God has an amazing surprise planned! Your 'Sunday' will be here sooner than you think. Don't lose hope!

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