Saturday, April 19, 2014

Who We Are (What Really Matters)

I have been trying to apply for a new job recently and I have learnt a few lessons in the course of doing that. There are times one preaches what one doesn’t practice. I found myself guilty of that. I tell people they can only get an image of themselves projected when they look at a mirror. Funny thing is much as I said that, the one person I was not saying it to was myself.

See, I had all these choices (I like to believe I do) but I was only applying for those jobs that were below my qualifications. I was trying to avoid being quizzed and scrutinized. I just wasn’t sure of myself. Writing about it now, I wonder where that feeling came from.

I was a very brilliant student but at some point I slipped on my grades so I finished with an average grade. This mistake of mine kept haunting me; I judged myself and drown myself in the pool of wouldas and shouldas. I subconsciously allowed myself to believe I wasn’t cut out for particular things and so I just stayed limited in my mind.

I went for a job interview and after the interviewer checked my CV, he asked me why I applied. At that point, I realized I hadn’t given it much of a thought. Perhaps, I had lied enough to myself to stay satisfied with average. Can’t remember the answer I gave him now but whatever I said wasn’t satisfactory as he kept looking at me with his eyes asking even more questions. Questions like “why are you doing this yourself?”

I got the job but didn’t resume, I was literally too qualified for it. I was going to be the big fish in a small pond.

I kept thinking about the words of the interviewer and the look he gave me. I called my sister and she gave me one of those sincere sister talks. It was time for me to gear up.

I discovered I had a major issue. I had to start from telling myself the truth. I had to stop seeing myself in the light of the situations around me. I had to come into terms with that part of me that is scared to be judged or turned down and stop feeding on negativities. I remember meeting a brilliant old school friend and listening to her job search woes and how she finally settled for something really low.

There are times we dwell so much on our physical strength that we forget that things are not really in our hands. I forgot who I was and what I was capable of doing through Christ. It took the interviewer and my sister to make me check myself and come into a new realization.

Coincidentally, I attended my church fellowship that week and what I was being told in my spirit was confirmed. We are not who the world says we are. We are who God says we are. Knowing who we are in the Lord helps us get a clearer picture of where we are headed.

My issues are resolved now, I am bolder in my approach and I hope to give my testimony soon. I see a new me in the mirror.

May we be able to see ourselves in the light of God's plan for us.

I urge you to step out of whatever limit you have placed upon your life and embrace the full life Jesus died for.

Happy Easter.

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