Wednesday, April 2, 2014

God's Plan B

"God never fails" That is an absolute fact. Sometimes, I wonder why. Is it because He is God of ALL? Which again is an absolute fact, A God that can do ALL things? Again an absolute fact... However, as I studied my bible and listened to the life experiences of many, I realised God has a plan B veerything.

We are all familiar with the story of Saul in 1 Samuel. He didn't campaign to be King, He was annointed by Samuel who was obeying God's directions. However as time went on, Saul made a mistake God considered unforgivable and God immediately put his plan B into action. He paved the way for David to take Saul's place and we know how David went on to become one of the greatest kings of Israel.

These days, many of us get worried when the plan A God revealed to us doesn't work out. I recently read about a young lady who was convinced God had revealed her husband to her. However, when she and the man in question started to exchange pleasantries and even become friends, he confided in her that he was interested in her friend. Now if that was me, I would have been distraught and stuck in a web of confusion...'But God you said....' would have been the endless words from my lips. But I realized as I studied my bible that God has a plan B!

With the fall of man, came the knowledge of right from wrong and of course the power to make choices on our own. God might have a plan to match Mr. A and Miss B together. Somewhere along the line, Mr A might get carried away with the more beautiful Miss C or Miss B might be swept off her feet by the charming Mr. D. That doesn't mean God's plan for the lives of Mr A and Miss B will not come to fruition.

When God brings two people together, it's to fulfill a purpose. If they are not together due to the power f choice they may exercise, God still brings his plans to manifestation! I'm sure everyone has that one friend, acquaintance or even family member that was in a relationship for a long period with the partner God 'designated'. However, somewhere along the line, the partner made a choice to go with someone else and left the other heartbroken. Fastforward a few months or years later, the heartbroken partner is happy and so is the partner that walked away! It doesn't mean they were not meant to be or one of them heard God wrong, it means they made different choices that made plan A unfeasible and God kicked plan B into action!

 He has a plan B everytime, that's why we can trust him to deliver always! The road may be rough, the people designated to help might be moved by the devil to make different choices but believe me, God will replace them with someone else!Even with us, He has a plan B. If we refuse to praise his name, he has stones that are ready to take over from us!

If you feel God's plan for your life has 'failed' (i use that word loosely) due to mistakes you made in the past or decisions that took you off his path, return to him and trust him. He will put plan B into action!

God bless

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