Sunday, May 18, 2014

3 Tips On How To Get Mr Right

The typical love story is set when a dark and handsome young man sees a lady of his dreams and he goes all out to make her the love of his life. Well, that is the fairy tale version, not every love story in the real world plays out like that. The society has its expectations, the dos and don’ts that dictate how we live our lives. Some shoes have been built specially for men to fit in but would it be so wrong if a woman steps in those shoes once in a while.

There are sisters that look up onto the Lord everyday waiting for Mr Right to come sweep them off their feet and blow their minds but the Mr Rights never come. Can those women be the exception to the societal rule? Can a sister say to a brother ‘you are the one my heart desires and I want for us to be in a relationship together?’ or should she wait forever for the brother that might probably never muster enough courage to woo her?

The problem a woman might have sometimes might be that she doesn’t like the kind of men that have been giving her attention. Would it be so wrong if a woman goes after the man of her dreams like a man does the woman of his dreams (ok, that sounds a tinge feminist. that was not intended I’m just wondering out aloud).

No matter one’s state of mind, most people would agree with me that there is more joy when the guy does the wooing. However, I believe there are ways ladies (and yes, I mean Christian ladies) can ask guys out without expressly asking him out. Most women are oblivious of the charm they possess and are stuck in  frustrating single lives when they could have been in beautiful relationships. These are three things you could be doing that might change your relationship status.

  • Make him notice you. This doesn’t mean you should go out of your way being loud and out of line but it does mean for you to stand out in a good way. Everyone knows that sister in church that always looks neatly dressed or that leads the praise worship. If you have a group that you are walk with, you might want to consider stepping out of that group to be noticeable. I remember I used to be in a group in school and whenever we all were together; no guy ever dared come close. Those that got close to us met us separately outside the group. Everything has to be balanced, being noticeable doesn’t mean you have to be very obvious,we are not trying to make you look desperate. Just make sure that you can be identified out of a group. Stop trying not to be seen and this brings me to my next point.

  • Be yourself and exude confidence. Confidence is like cologne, using the right amount has heads turning and people are attracted towards you for all the right reasons. A man loves a woman that has a healthy sense of who she is.

  • Be approachable; this is closely related to the first point but differs a little. Being approachable also means one’s demeanour should be beautiful. There are people others dare not talk to or cross their paths. They are quick to anger and they behave rashly. There are also people who have very steel like facial expressions. You can’t blame a man for not walking up to a lady guilty of the instances made above because he also doesn’t want to be rejected. Work on yourself to be more accommodating and smile often. A smile not only brightens one’s face, it also lights up the faces of others around you. As always,nothing looks good when it is over played, just look good and relaxed enough for a brother to feel comfortable walking up to you.

Follow these steps and you are sure to turn Mr Right’s head to your direction.

Don’t forget the place of prayer in all these. Don’t act on your own knowledge alone. Let God be your guide.

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  1. Good advice! Especially the approachable part. Many single women these days are so angry for no reason. A guy asks for their number and they are angry that he dared to ask. Relax ladies, no man want to marrry godzilla.


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