Friday, May 30, 2014

Your Reputation Is Important!

Disclaimer: This post is not an attack on those who are into the popular 'yahoo yahoo' business, nor is it an attack on those who enjoy riding the wave that comes with the business.

I published a post on my blog yesterday where I stated outrightly that I can't date, not to mention marry a man that earns a living through illegal means.  Today, I was having a chat with one of my long time buddies and we sort of gravitated towards the topic of dating men that earn a living through illegal means. Now in Nigeria, we know some of them as yahoo boys ( those that commit cyber crimes), there are drug dealers and also those that don't need the internet to scam people, they give you the one-on-one 'consultancy'. My buddy said something that had me rolling on the floor with laughter. She said "dating a guy that's into illegal business is just like dating a robber. What kind of father would he be to your kids?  After my fit of laughter, she got me thinking.... 'what kind of effect will such a relationship have on a your reputation? What effect does it have on the reputation of those that are directly involved in these deals?

I know of women that have been arrested while spending the night with a boyfriend that is knee-deep in illegal deals. Some have been arrested while innocently withdrawing cash at the ATM. Innocent or not, a criminal record is a huge stain on your reputation.
These days, I feel many of us make decisions like we don't have a future to look forward to. Granted,  we don't know what the future holds but isn't that the reason you should protect your future? One of the ways you can protect your future is to protect your reputation by making decisions that won't earn you a criminal record.  In future, you may want to run for senate, presidency or even be married to a president, become a pastor... whatever. How will you explain the taint in your reputation that might cost you your dreams and some of the biggest opportunities of your life?  These days, employers go through the trouble of doing a background check on potential employees. Why woukd you trade in so much for a few months or perhaps years of careless spending?

If a man can't earn a living through legal means, believe he won't be able to sustain his lifestyle forever.  One day, he'll decide he's had enough of that lifestyle but by then, his reputation is in the gutter, and so is yours. I know these days, many men and even women have their reasons for doing shady deals. I make it a point not to judge people because I haven't walked in their shoes but I also make it a point not to join them in anything I feel may taint my precious future which I'm still unwrapping. Don't live your life carelessly like you won't have to answer for your actions later.  There will be situations that will call you out on the decisions you made as a youngster. Don't ever forget your reputation might mean everything in such situations.  XOXO. 

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