Monday, September 8, 2014

Signs You're Immature In Spite of Your Age

 "Age is just a number"... that statement may sound cliche but I am beginning to accept it is cliche because it's so true. So many of us, in spite of our ages that remind us wrinkles are not far off, still act like we are spoilt ten year old kids. We react without any measure of emotional intelligence and act like the world revolves around us. Here are some signs you are immature and probbaly in denial:

You Only See Things From Your Point of View: This is very common amongst people who are caught in a personal fable and believe intelligence begins and ends with them. This characteristic is toxic to personal groeth, building relationships and even working well with other people in terms of career achievements. Your point of view may be correct but not whole. One analogy I like to use here is the story of five blind people who went to 'see' an elephant. One stood in front of the elephant, held the trunk and concluded that the elephant was like a long rope, the other touched the side and insisted the elephant must be similar to a wall....the list goes on but you get the point. They were all touching the same animal, buyt from different angles, hence their idea of what the elephant looked like was different. The same is relatable to life. Your point of view will not always be whole. If you always insist that you are right, then maturity is yet to meet with you.

You Raise Your Voice To Make Your Point: I get it; some people like to win! And that's OK. But yelling at people during a conversation simply because you want to drive your point home is an absolute NO-NO! The loudest person is not necessarily the wisest person. It is important to learn the art of amicable discussions, even when others refuse to accept your perspective of things. Yelling at people during a discussion won't win them over. If anything at all, it will make them avoid you for fear that you may get angry if they say something you don't agree with.

You Sulk When You Don't Win: Come on now! This has to be the worst one of all. As a child, it maky be OK to sulk when your mum refuses to let you have chocolate, but sulking as an adult because others are not agreeing with you is just the zenith of immaturity. It will spoil the mood of a good debate amongst friends, create an awkward atmosphere, and leave everyone short for words as they attempt to break the ice. If you are a sulker, stop it now! It is irritating, childish and will cause you to lose good friendships. No one wants to be friends with someone they can't be honest with.

You'd Rather Post Your Feelings On Facebook: If you have something to say to someone, say it to their face! Don't post it on Facebook, expect them to read it there and continue being your friend! That is immaturity with an extension! Either address the issue as an adult face to face or keep it to yourself. Most people that do this tend to spontaneously 'unfriend' anyone who challenges such facebook posts. If you are one of those "she argued with me so I'll just unfriend her" type of people, it's best you change now! So what if a person challenges you or argues with you, will unfriending them on facebook make any difference? Learn to have mature discussions as an adult instead of letting the internet fight for you. It's a sign of cowardice.

You Lack Emotional Intelligence: Some people just speak without thinking, they speak to other people in belittling ways, they cut other people off rudely mid-sentence and they drop sentence bombs on people without bothering about the effect of their words. This shows a big lack in emotional intelligence. As an adult, who probably hopes to be a future leader, developing your emotional intelligence should be high on your priority list. Knowing you can't speak to people the way you please simply because you're older or you believe you're right will take you far in life!

Many people believe as long as they are climbing the age ladder, they are maturing too. You are not a case of wine! Maturity is built by being sensitve to our life experiences and taking valuable lessons from them!

Are there any other characteristics of immaturity that you'd like to share?

Drop a comment. XOXO

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