Thursday, September 25, 2014

Understanding God's Ways

It is mind boggling sometimes when we make plans and pray for our plans to fall through and it seems God can’t hear us. When everything looks like they are falling in place and all of a sudden our plans come crumbling down. All the time and energy expended seem to have all gotten wasted.

I have found myself saying let God’s will be done many times without being sure if I really can take it if my prayers are not answered in my set myopic direction. Before asking for God’s help, the majority of us are guilty of having thought out plans we need the Lord to follow as guidelines.

More puzzling and equally pleasurable is the way God laughs in the face of our plans. It is His way of reminding us who is in charge of our lives.

My close friend was at crossroads and couldn’t decide what exactly she wanted to make the much desired progress in her career. She finally decided to pursue her Masters’ Program, so she invested money and time in search of a reputable University outside the country. She finally found a good one and was set when her dad suddenly pulled the stool from beneath her by saying he wasn’t financially buoyant at the time.

She was really disappointed but had to let the admission go seeing as there was little she could do about it. A couple of weeks ago, she was told of a vacancy at one of the top firms in the country and decided to give it a shot. As God would have it, she got the job.

Her situation ministered to me. While she was on a wild goose chase for a Masters’ program, God was busy making plans for her to get placed in a good firm where she can easily grow and study thereby guaranteeing financial and educational growth at the same time.

On a final note, it will do us more good when we come to the realization that God has better plans for us than we have for ourselves. We should also bear in mind that whenever we encounter a fall, there is always a calm voice instructing us on how to stand and rise higher.

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