Friday, September 5, 2014

Why 'Good Guys' Don't Always Get the Girl

Society has a box for the good guys; they are usually quiet, reserved, sometimes shy, very visible in church, most have a questionable sense of style and can't utter two sentences without preaching. Unfortunately many of these good guys chase ladies they desire unsuccessfully. They try their best and put their 'best good' foot forward yet women seem to elude them. Many of them assume women like men who treat them horribly, and give up, while others approach their church pastors to 'hook them up' with these evasive women. There are a few reasons these good guys struggle to get the girl and I've highlighted some of them below:

They lack the skill to woo: There are so many good guys out there with the best intentions that just don't know how to win a woman over. They don't have any understanding whatsoever of how women ought to be treated, or how to sweep her off her feet. They don't even have the right broom! No matter how good a man is, if he cannot make a woman feel special, her attraction to him will end up being nothing more than a feeling in passing.

They are boring: Being boring is a sin! Really it is! It is your moral obligation to not bore people to death. Most of the men in the good guys box are mostly guys that focus only on issues they hold dear-academics, poetry or even bible studies. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but chances are the woman you fancy might not be interested in those things. To catch and keep the attention of the girl you admire, you need to expand your interests. You need to read up on new things so you can have somethingto say. It is really boring when you take a girl on a date, and spend the entire time staring at your toes or simply staring at her in awkward silence because you have nothing to say.

They lack spontaneity: Almost every girl loves a little spontaneity! Believe it or not, even the most prudish and frigid woman likes to be pleasantly surprised every now and then. If you are one of those guys who are so set in their ways, they feel they might lose their minds if they try something new, then it's time to learn and practise spontaneity. Being spontaneous makes you more interesting, more appealing, and a lot more fun to be with!

They let others do their 'leg work': Many good guys are not confident enough to express their feelings so they send other people to do it for them. They speak to their pastors to convince the girl they like or push their friends to convince her. This has to be one of the most unattractive qualities in a man. Letting others do the wooing work for you suggests weakness and lack of self-confidence  Strap on whatever source of confidence you need and do the work yourself.

Being a 'good guy' means nothing if you can't keep a girl's attention long enough for her to see it. It will simply be like a degree certificate you hang on your wall but don't know how to work with.


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