Wednesday, September 24, 2014

You Were Created for a Purpose

The book of Esther is one if my favourite books in the Bible. I read it each time with so much delight, you'd think it's my first time. What has always fascinated me about Esther's story is how everything seemed to work in her favour. She went to the harem alongside hundreds of other women, who I believe were just as beautiful, but for some reason, the head of the harem liked Esther and favoured her.

Like the other women, she went in to the king and he favoured her. She became queen in a foreign land! When Haman started with his plot to destroy the Jews, Esther was in the palace, blissfully unaware of the impending doom that was due to befall her people. She was safe in the palace and would probably not have suffered the same fate. She was at the peak of success, happy and content, until Mordecai sent her a message saying "Don't think for a moment that you'll be safe if the other Jews are killed" (Esther 4:13). His message spurred Esther to act and well, the rest is history.

Many of us are like Esther-ready to just doll ourselves up and sit pretty without bothering about our true purpose. We reach the peak of our careers, find ourselves in positions of power and sometimes through favour, are in positions to influence the outcome of situations.... yet we don't bother. We become engrossed with our achievements and success, we forget to lend a helping hand. We give excuses for why we can't help, we feel safe in our achievements, we forget why God placed us in such powerful and influential positions. We simply want to sit around and look pretty.

It's time to quit sitting around just for the sake of it, and consider stepping up to the purpose God has marked out for you! There's a reason you're where you are today, and God has probably been laying that reason on your heart. Embrace it! Step out and step up to the plate! Don't act like you can't be bothered because you'll be safe if a storm hits.

If God has laid it on your heart to help people, or put you in a position to help, don't act like it's not your problem, help! Pull people up, be a blessing, let people remember you for good! If Esther hadn't been of help, she might have made it to the history books, not as a heroine or a woman worthy of emulation, but rather as an ungrateful woman who could not be bothered to use her blessing to bless her people.

Step up to your purpose today xoxo

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