Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Before You Jump Ship!

In recent times, I have heard too many stories of people joyfully jumping ship to get their freedom back. The burden of marriage is too heavy to bear, and some people sooner or later realize that they are not cut out for this marriage thing. It requires too much compromise, too much sacrifice, and way too much tolerance than any normal human being could possibly give.

For some people, there are valid reason to jump ship – infidelity, substance abuse, physical and emotional abuse, lack of respect, and loss of oneself in a bid to become someone else. These are valid reasons to leave a relationship because it is either heading nowhere, or a catastrophic accident waiting to happen.

For others who are ready to jump ship because they have discovered a flaw, or believe they can do better, here’s a brief word for you:

Love is like faith; it is more difficult to love a person after seeing their flaws just like it is difficult to have faith when you are in a terrible situation. Love is not only about when the other person is beautiful, sexy, and in a good mood. Love is about understanding that the person you’re with will probably not be perfect all the time. Sometimes, they will be sick; sometimes they will come across as arrogant. Sometimes, they will say things without thinking and make you want to fly off the wall. Sometimes, they will be unnecessarily emotional over something you said a year ago; sometimes they will fail to meet up to your expectations. This is when you get to test if your love is true. This is when you get to know if you can be there for the long haul. Can you be there when you see the physical flaws and emotional scars?

Before you choose to jump ship, ask yourself if your reasons are based on mistreatment of your person, or based on the fact that this person does not check 10 out of 10 on your list. XOXO.


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