Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Not Just Another Resolution

Around this time of the year, it is not uncommon to see people with deep resolve to be so much better than they were in the previous year. The cool thing about this is how it almost feels like one has suddenly gotten new springs that one can leap on. I know the feeling because I have been there many times when I feel like I have a new book to write new things on and I can pretend like the mistakes in the old ones never existed. 

Relevance plays a big part in our beings as humans, it is almost as important as oxygen to us. We have become experts at taking our place and announcing ourselves to the world in the ways we can. While I was much younger, I was convinced the only reason I was born was to finish top in my classes and be good at sports. So, my New Year resolution used to probably be to ace all my test scores and I was encouraged on this path by my parents. I used to attend two extra school lessons right after my classes when I was in primary school. All that mattered to me was academic success I used to spend extra time carving my alphabets in my notebooks just so my teacher could say I had the best handwriting in class. I would contest in a wrestling competition among the boys and beat the strongest one just so they’d know size didn’t matter. I even refused to follow the driver that was sent to pick us up on the last day of school one particular term because I slipped from my first position to the sixth position in class.

Some of us are still like I used to be, we see everything as a competition. Our outlook towards life is so we can shine, so that our names can be heard. What we forget is none of us is here by ourselves.

Have you ever wondered why you were not aborted or why you didn’t come as a goat or a bee? 

I am just saying that we were created purposely to fit into God’s work on earth. We are created for a big mighty purpose of doing good works for the glory of God. This means that while we are chasing academic excellence, do we ask ourselves ‘what can I do for God with all these achievements of mine?’ Everything we have been given is solely to serve that big purpose of making the world see God through us.Coincidentally I stumbled on the picture/quote used above while writing this piece and I can’t agree more with the author. Once we start to seek answers to the reason why we are where we are, our aspirations start to be far beyond making money or becoming the youngest president. We start to feel like we are a part of a higher calling, A call to fulfil purpose. A call for our lives to be a gospel unto others and doing good works wherever we find ourselves.

Lay your ears on the table of a lonely heart, share your food with those hungry,pray with the sick, lend yourself and resources however way you can. In all you do let God be exalted.Remember Let your LIGHT so shine before men, that they may see your GOOD WORKS and glorify your Father in heaven.

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