Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sex and the 21st Century Youths: How Everyone Is Getting It Wrong

Sex is no longer a big deal; it is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is certainly no longer bound by the confines of a serious relationship. Having sex these days is like taking a shower in the morning or having cereal for breakfast. Relationships are no longer the sacred associations they used to be. Labels such as ‘open relationships’ where both parties are allowed to see and have sex with other people are fast becoming a norm, yet we wonder why there are so many broken hearts who are bent on breaking more hearts.

The 21st century is more about proving a point than anything else- we want to prove that we are cool, that we are in vogue, and that we know the ‘in-thing’. We have all been sucked into a system that robs us of our personal values without us really knowing it. Back in the day, when people viewed sex as a sacred association that should not be made with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, they were admired for being dignified. These days, such people are regarded as lame, or referred to as prudes. Sex is fun; sex is a stress reliever; sex is not such a big deal; have sex with whoever, whenever, and move on. Why waste time on emotions?

These are the thoughts that make it so easy to liken 21st century youths to animals. You see, when animals mate, it’s about the moment. A dog on heat simply mounts any other dog of the opposite sex in sight, and relieves itself of the built-up tension in its genitals. Once the tension has been relieved, both dogs go their separate ways. There is no show of affection afterwards, and they are not in any way obligated to treat each other with respect. It’s just sex; they do it, and they move on. 21st century youths are adopting this mentality without realizing it.

Many youths regard sex in the same light as animals do. We aim to silence our emotions in a bid to prove that we are not sissys, nor are we lame. We want people to admire us for being so cool, and doing whatever we feel like, so we have sex with the nearest member of the opposite sex and five minutes later, act like we’ve never met the person before. This is where we are getting it all wrong – believing that emotions should not be attached to sex. Actually, it should. That’s what makes us different from animals. Sex between humans should be based on having a strong emotional connection that exceeds hormonal needs. It is not simply about stress relief or fitting in with the crowd to avoid being called a prude.

Relationships are more likely to last longer and fair better if we make it known that our emotions are a big part of us, and sex is not some animalistic ritual we perform to get rid of hormonal tension. Sex is not a dance you do with just anyone within reach. It is a physically, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling act that requires commitment from both parties. Stop with the animalistic ideals of sex, and embrace what makes you human. Don’t kill your emotions simply because you want to do it the way animals do. Develop the right attitude towards sex, and preserve yourself. XOXO


  1. Happy New Year Demi... More Wisdom to u... i was just thinking about this..

    1. Happy new year to you Fisayo!!! I wish you more awesomeness this year!

    2. Happy new year to you Fisayo!!! I wish you more awesomeness this year!


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