Monday, March 14, 2016

Rise Up For Others Not Against Them

It is just human nature to mistreat other people once we believe we have reached a height they cannot attain. Sometimes our ill treatment of them is subtle; other times, we make it clear through our actions that we cannot be bothered to lift a finger to assist them. We become so selfish in our pursuits that even when we get an opportunity to assist a fellow human being, we fold our arms and tell tales of how we also struggled to get where we are. In fact, in a bid to enforce our struggle theme, some of us go out of our way to ensure that we throw as much difficulty as we can in the way of others. We let our success get to our heads; we tend to believe we are untouchable after a certain level. We tend to believe that other person cannot reach us because we are far gone.

I'll keep this short and sweet and simply tell you God can see what you are doing with the blessing he has given you. God blesses us not so we can brag about our abilities or push others into difficulty, but so we can live in a way that will cause others to want to know him. God expects that his blessings in our lives will bring about the glory of his name. Our blessings are not for haughtiness or power tussles (Proverbs 6:16 - 17); you are not blessed so you can huff and puff while having other people worship you and bend to your will simply because it would be fatal for them not to. You are blessed to be a blessing.

Don't get so drunk on your new position of power that you forget you were once in a humble state. Don't get so arrogant in your ability that you believe everyone must suffer the way you did; afterall you pulled through so they should struggle too. Don't get so intoxicated with your success that you start to talk down to others or mistreat them deliberately. Don't get so sure of your personal ability that you forget God can catapult anyone to greatness at any given time. Instead of working against others, rise up on their behalf.

Be the wind in the sails of those who cheered you on. Be the reliable shoulder they can rely on for good advice and assistance. Be the one who tells them of opportunities they might be unaware of. Stop living in the fear of them surpassing you. Even if they surpass you, it's because it's God's will. Where you are today is a result of God's blessing. Many people have worked ten times harder than you are, yet they do not have a quarter of what you have. Stop boasting in your ability and working against others. Help them where you can; try your very best to make their journeys better than yours.

You will not lose your success if you help others. You will not lose your blessings if you bless others. The same cannot be said if you decide to work against those that God has directed to you. Oh yes! God sends people your way after he blesses you to see if you will glorify yourself or glorify him. Learn to rise up for others. You will be blessed in multiple fold for doing so!

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