Sunday, March 27, 2016

For Better, For Worse and NOT FOR GRANTED

It’s a norm we are all becoming used to… the fact that after a while the spark dies out in many marriages, and some people begin to devalue their spouses. It is fast becoming a norm that after a while, people seek excitement elsewhere because they just can’t create a spark that will light the fire of excitement in their own marriages. It is true in many cases that people take their spouses for granted after a while; appreciation and admiration fly out the window, while complacency and an uncouth attitude set in. No wonder many marriages feel like hard work. No wonder many marriages feel like necessary evils. No wonder many people see marriage as a duty that must be fulfilled, rather than a journey that must be enjoyed.

If you want the spark in your marriage to last, you must be willing to consciously keep the spark alive by not taking your spouse for granted under any circumstances. Spontaneously serve breakfast in bed; explore new movies and shows together; try new things together; always appreciate the little things your spouse does even if it is his or her duty. In so many homes, appreciation is only reserved for gifts exchanged during special occasions. Couples do not appreciate each other for being a strong pillar to rely on; couples hardly praise each other’s strengths; couples hardly offer words of affirmation or acts of service. As far as they are concerned, marriage is an organization where each person must fulfill his/her duty and not complain about it, no matter how burdensome it may be.

Marriage has become hard work, because the real essence of marriage has been lost in societal definitions of achievement. Marriage is a journey two people embark on TOGETHER where they overcome obstacles together, win quests together, cry together, laugh together and plan together. Marriage is a partnership, not some kind of military organization where a personal relationship is lost. The partnership cannot survive if both partners take each other for granted. If you’ve taken your partner for granted, it’s not too late to turn around today and start showing him/her that you genuinely care.

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