Sunday, May 8, 2016

Beware of abusive relationships. It could lead to death

Lekan and Ronke Shonde
There was a recent story published about an unfortunate incident where a man allegedly killed his wife during a quarrel. This happened in Lagos.

As the story goes, Ronke Shonde a young mother of two young children, was found dead in her home on Friday, May 6, 2016. The husband, Lekan, is missing. He is believed to have beaten her to death during a domestic dispute in their home.

No one seems to know what the dispute was all about. All that is known is that Ronke is dead and the husband is still missing.

One is tempted to ask some of the following questions:
  1. What could have angered the man to do this?
  2. Did the man really mean to kill here?
  3. Did the woman not know about the anger even before she married him?
  4. Did the abuse just start?
  5. Why did the woman wait in the marriage even with the physical abuse?
  6. What will happen to the kids and the memory of their parents etched in their hearts?
There are so many other questions that one asks about this unfortunate incident.

As one may not know the actual details, it is a wake-up call to husbands and wives to evaluate their marriages to ensure this does not happen to them. If there is an anger issue, it has to be addressed. And believe me, you may not be able to address this if you do not acknowledge the originator of marriages in your marriage. You need to understand why He instituted marriage in the first place.

If there is an issue that both of you think you cannot resolve, seek expert counsel.

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